15 Prayers For Grief And Sorrow After Losing A Loved One

Losing someone is an integral part of our lives here on earth, but no matter how natural it is, we still tend to feel pain as we are left with many questions that no one but the Lord can answer.

Through these prayers for grief, may you be able to find the answers that you have been looking for, and if you think that what has happened was God’s way of punishing you, remember his promise to his people and fill your heart with joy, for physical death is just the beginning of your journey to eternal peace with the Almighty Father.

Prayers For Grief For The Loss Of A Loved One

Dear God,

Let your precious arms become my refuge and my great comfort. Do send angels to help me have the peaceful sleep I need after the hardest day of my life. Hear me as my spirit mourns for the death of my precious (name of loved one). Gently carry me the same way a shepherd carries a little lamb back to the flock. Cover me with your eternal love, and let no negative thoughts accompany my grief.

Allow your tender care to be my ultimate reason to let go of the feelings of sadness and loss, as well as other emotions that can hinder me from acknowledging the truth that you are wonderfully good. Guard my heart as I mourn, Lord. All these things I pray for in Jesus’ name.


Prayer To Support Friends Who Mourn

Dear Lord God,

I come before your mighty presence and humbly ask that you help my friend grieve his loss. Remind him that all these things will come to pass and that darkness and despair will only be temporary. Let your everlasting arms carry my friend away from the consuming anguish that will, later on, affect him and leave his mind exhausted.

Help me so that I may speak words of love and kindness to ease the sadness that my friend feels at this moment. By your grace, heal and allow my friend to walk in this world again, free of sorrow and with greater acceptance after mourning his loss. I offer these prayers for grief through your Son, Jesus Christ.


Prayer For The Faithful Departed

Loving Lord in Heaven,

Hear my grieving heart as I pray these prayers for grief and humbly ask you to take away all my sorrows. May this endless sadness drift away like dust in the wind, and may your healing touch wipe all my tears away.

Allow me to rejoice, knowing that you are accompanying my broken heart every step of the way during these difficult times as I strive to heal myself.

Let your angels guide the soul of our faithful departed and allow your mercy to protect him or her against all forces of evil. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayers For Grief Of An Untimely Death

Dear God,

Wipe away my tears, Oh Lord, and grant eternal rest[1] to (name of the deceased) for his untimely death. Help us acknowledge that only you, who answer prayers, can bring peaceful thoughts to our constant grief for this untimely loss. Let my grieving today initiate the healing process that I need after this loss.

Allow me to believe in the grace of your words and presence, and I fervently hope through these prayers for grief that you open the gate to eternal life for the soul of (name of deceased). All these things I pray through your Son, Jesus Christ, the most precious one.


Prayer For Broken-Hearted People After Death Of Comrade

Heavenly God,

Bless the people with their grief for the soul of their comrade. Allow their grieving to be the start of a new life. Lift their spirits and give them hope after the devastating loss that they have experienced. Oh God, grant their spirits rest, and let your promise be their ultimate reason to put themselves back on their feet.

Allow this moment to be a reminder that life is short and we should spend it with the right people, like our family, good friends, and ourselves. I pray this in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Prayer For Comfort Against Hurts And Depression

Dear God,

As my life has grown quiet since the passing of (name of deceased), guard my heart so that I may no longer feel hurt and depressed by what has happened. Help me to move on and be more thankful for the gift of vitality that has been given to me. In the name of Jesus, I pray.


Prayer For Loss Of Lives After A Warfare

Lord Jesus Christ,

Let this glorious day be marked with the blood spilled by all the people who have died. Let the souls of innocent children be the ultimate reason for us to move forward with the lives we have and no longer allow this dark past to hunt us down.

Let this moment, Lord, be a call for change, and as the whole world is grieving with us, let your mercy and everlasting love clothe us as we reminisce about the wonderful times we had with our loved ones and friends who have passed. We pray that you will hear the cry of your people and lift our spirits high as our eternal Father in paradise.


Sad Lady and Prayers for Grief

Prayer For Spirits To Have Eternal Rest

Lord God,

I grieve on behalf of the forgotten souls and ask for them to have eternal peace in your kingdom. Do the same to them as you would to my family and friends that have departed. Forgive them of all the sins they have committed and renew them from their past.


Prayers For Grief For The Loss Of Parents

Almighty Lord,

Lead me away from the lies that I am worthless without my parents. Allow me to have the courage to stand on my feet, as this would help me become less dependent on them and more on myself. Remind me to ask guidance from you, Lord, at times when I no longer know what I will do. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer Of Sorrow For The Loss Of Spouse


Allow me to have the grieving that I need for the loss of my spouse. As I wake up tomorrow, grant me a renewed perception of life and the courage to face all the responsibilities that are left to me. Allow me to be a strong model, Lord, for our children, so that they may not lose hope after what has happened. In the name of Christ, I pray.


Prayer For Sadness For Unborn Children

Lord God,

I offer these prayers for grief for all the souls of unborn children. Allow them to enter your kingdom and live the life they are supposed to have on this earth. Allow their parents to have acceptance and the courage to move on, as this is out of their control. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer For Those Who Have Died Without Their Family

Dear Lord,

Hear my prayers for grief for those departed souls that no longer have families, Lord. Allow them to be at your banquet and feel your love and concern. Forgive their sins and allow them to forgive others who have sinned against them. In the name of Christ, I pray.


Prayer For Comfort For The Loss Of A Workmate

Almighty God,

We praise your blessed name and we acknowledge the truth that your presence weighs more heavily than any earthly possessions that we have right now. As our workmate departs to our so-called home, we ask that you let joy rise in our hearts as he is no longer shackled in pain and suffering here on earth.

We pray that his family will find acceptance in your words. Hear us, Oh God, as we are continually praying with hope for the rest of our workmates in your peace.


Prayer For Loss Due To Disease

Lord God,

I ask for you to grant the soul of (name of deceased) eternal peace. He has fought the battle for so long and has sacrificed enough for his entire lifetime. As I have prayed for you to take over the disease of (name of deceased), clothe him with your love as he journeys to your kingdom.


Prayer For The Loss Of Son

Almighty Lord,

Oh God, replace my grief with an assurance that my dear one is now with you. Allow my heart to have peace and accept that the life of my son is not mine to keep. I fervently hope that he is no longer tied to this earth and is able to seek refuge in your arms. This may be hard for me, but if it is your will, Lord, then I will no longer interfere.


Candles and Prayers for Grief


Losing someone is truly one of the hardest situations to be in, but with these prayers for grief, may you be able to find peace, hope, and joy to lift yourself up during this moment of depression and heartache.

As you are continually praying to seek God’s truth, praise Him, and do not question His authority. His plans are carried out not to harm you, but to allow you to prosper and grow as a person created in His image and likeness.

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