15 Uplifting Prayers For Happiness And Peace In Life

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Remember that you can come to Christ through these prayers for happiness whenever life seems rough and bad news seems unending. Find inspiration in His mighty words in Bible verses, and don’t let the works of evil intimidate you. Let all the skies, valleys, and rivers serve as our sole reminder that God is with us[1], especially when things seem impossible to conquer.

Key Takeaways

  • Prayer is a tool for achieving happiness and peace in various life situations.
  • Trusting in divine guidance is crucial for overcoming life’s challenges.
  • Embracing God’s presence is essential for finding comfort and joy in all circumstances.

Prayer For Happiness In This Beautiful World

Dear God,

Hear my prayer for happiness, and grant me everlasting joy and eternal life in your kingdom.

Allow me to discover life and spread your word with my wonderful friends.

Take away all the sorrow with your mighty power, and let the morning sunshine light my path and give me all the reason to live and rejoice in the abundant life here on earth.

Lord, with your loving kindness, fill my spirit.


Prayer To Impart Peace And Happiness Toward Strangers

Everlasting God,

Hear my prayer for happiness, and help me become a conduit of your mighty grace.

Allow me to spread the peace and happiness you have brought into my life.

Let other people feel that they are valued, and help me become a blessing to those in need.

Let me be your instrument in spreading the good news of your kingdom, and allow me to become the person you want me to be.

All of these I ask in the name of your dear Son, Jesus.


Prayer For Happiness To Feel Comforted Amidst Difficult Times

Most Merciful God,

Let your comforting spirit come down and allow me to be filled with joy amid suffering and struggle.

Restore me with your mercy and goodness, and let your eternal truth protect me from a deep sense of sadness.

Listen to my willing spirit, and let your happiness fill me to the brim.

Listen to my prayer for joy, and let me celebrate, for the Holy Cross has saved me.


Prayer For Happiness To Ease Pain

Holy Lord,

You are worthy of our praise.

Hear this prayer for happiness, and help us ease our pain.

Do not let the righteous suffer; carry them in your loving arms.

Please help us become more resilient, especially when problems arise.

Remind us that all difficulties are temporary and will soon be replaced with your undying grace.

Do not let our pains win over our mind, body, and soul, Father God.

Let us remember the undeserved sacrifice that your Son, Jesus, made.


True Happiness To Ease Mourning And Sadness Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Only you are worthy of our praise and worship, and your kingdom is known to everyone.

Hear my prayer for happiness, and let your everlasting love comfort me as I mourn.

Help me find peace during my sadness, and never let the wicked prosper and take control of my life.

With my prayer, God, I ask you to protect me from heartbreak.


Prayer For Happiness As I Journey To Everlasting Life

Heavenly God,

As I live my days on earth in preparation for everlasting life, grant me happiness and contentment in my work and relationships.

Help me to live a meaningful life and teach me to leave my influence here on earth in the same way that your Son, Jesus, lived his days like us mortals.

Through my prayers, I ask for happiness.


Happiness And Joy To Wipe My Tears Prayer

Righteous Heavenly Father,

Hear my prayer for happiness and help me pursue the truth as you wipe the tears off my face.

Help me not to be overwhelmed with every struggle I am facing.

God, protect me from the influence of the devil and clear my thoughts to help me act out the things that will bring honor and glory to your holy name.

Allow me to find happiness and hear my prayers through your Son, Jesus Christ.

person praying inside a church by a sunlit window and prayers for happiness

Prayer For High-Hearted Happiness And Joy As I Encounter Heavy Burdens

Our Heavenly Creator,

Hear my prayer for happiness and lift my spirit high above, enough for me to see the bigger picture of my life.

Lighten the load I am currently carrying and help me draw strength from you as my eternal source.

Please help me be reminded of all the wins I have had with your mighty help.

Bring joy into my life, and do not allow me to surrender everything to the schemes of evil.


Morning Prayer For Happiness To Start The Day

Our Heavenly Father,

Hear this prayer for happiness, and let your eternal spirit come with us.

Help us begin the day with your loving kindness.

Thank you for bringing us to your light whenever we have selfishly sought happiness on this earth.

Please orchestrate our lives and point us in the right direction, leading to your everlasting beauty.

Awaken our souls and help us discover peace while doing the purpose you have directed us to do.

Only you are the highest, oh God, and you deserve our praise and worship.


Prayer For True Happiness And Joy Around A Miserable Person

Our most forgiving God,

Hear my prayer for happiness and surround difficult people with your abounding joy.

Clothe them with your kindness and change their perspective on life.

Redirect them to the path that leads to your righteousness, and do not let evil win.

Forgive your people’s mistakes and accept their allegiance to you as their one true savior.

As you have changed my life, I believe you can change theirs.

All these things I ask in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Gratitude Prayer To End The Day With Happiness

Mighty Lord Jesus,

Hear my prayer of thanks for happiness as I end this productive day.

Thank you for the little things that brought me joy whenever I felt sad.

Thank you for the gift of wisdom that provided me with comprehension.

Thank you for the gift of salvation, which has increased my motivation to do what I do.

Tonight, as I close my eyes, allow me to think of every amazing memory of my small wins today and all the days that have passed.

I pray for all of these in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Prayer For Inward Happiness Despite Having Disputes With Other Family Members

Merciful Lord God in Heaven,

Take control of my family, dear Lord God, and grant us inward happiness to help us deal with our problems.

Remind us of your abounding love, and do not let the works of evil take full control over our actions towards each other.

Please help us to be more forgiving of the mistakes made in the past and allow us to learn from every dispute that arises.

We offer this prayer for happiness in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


Serenity Prayer For Joy In School Or Office

Dear Lord Jesus,

Hear this prayer for happiness and oversee our lives in school and at work.

Grant our desires to have peaceful and joyful relationships with our colleagues and classmates.

Allow everyone’s smile to linger on their lips and spread your kindness to others.

Bless us with the right attitude whenever we face a problem, and keep us from harboring negative thoughts about our brothers and sisters in Christ.

All these things I pray for in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Prayer For Everlasting Happiness And Eternal Peace Of Mind

Dear Father God,

As we continue with our lives, may you bless us with peace of mind and eternal joy.

Allow us not to overlook all of our misfortunes and help us to be hopeful that, no matter how strong the storm is, the light will still shine through and bring us a brighter future.

Help us to be thankful for everything we have, and teach us to count our blessings as well as all the undeserved grace.

All these we pray in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


Prayer To Find Happiness And Seek Calling From God

Almighty Father,

Hear my prayer for happiness, and help me find my true calling in life.

Lord, bless my life and allow me to pursue the things that will help me find my purpose in this world.

Help me find rest whenever I get discouraged.

Protect me, Lord, from the influence of evil that seeks to corrupt my mind and lead me to eternal damnation.

All these things I pray in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

person sitting in a desert under the night sky and prayers for happiness


Let these powerful prayers for happiness overflow your life with genuine joy and contentment. Seek God, especially when you feel immobilized by temporary problems in your life. Trust in our Father to work miracles in your life, and believe that He will never let His people suffer despair or fall into the hands of evil.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Prayer Influence Happiness And Peace In Life?

Prayer is believed to be a powerful means to attain happiness and peace, offering a spiritual connection and solace in difficult times.

What Role Does Trust In Divine Guidance Play During Challenging Moments?

Trusting in divine guidance offers strength and resilience, helping individuals navigate through life’s challenges with faith and hope.

Can Prayer Help In Finding Joy And Comfort During Sorrow And Mourning?

Yes, prayer is seen as a source of comfort and joy, especially in times of sorrow and mourning, by fostering a sense of divine presence and support.

Is It Possible To Find Happiness Through Prayer In Everyday Situations?

Yes, prayer is considered effective in finding happiness in daily life by seeking divine blessings and guidance in regular activities and interactions.

How Can Prayer Aid In Managing Disputes And Maintaining Harmony In Family Life?

Prayer can be a tool for seeking inner peace and guidance, helping to resolve family disputes, and promoting harmony and understanding among family members.

What Is The Significance Of Embracing God’s Presence In All Aspects Of Life?

Embracing God’s presence is thought to bring a sense of purpose, direction, and contentment in all aspects of life, from personal struggles to interactions with others.

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