15 Prayers For Healing Your Soul And Regaining Hope

When you feel exhausted or spiritually wounded, it is not necessary that you give up immediately. All you need to do is utter prayers for healing and focus on seeking the mighty name of God.

The Bible tells us that saying a healing prayer and asking for help from Him is the primary step in the process of overcoming the pain you are facing. You need to acknowledge that He is your creator and that He has the power to give and take anything from you. Go through these prayers for healing and incorporate them into your daily prayer devotional.

Prayer For Healing A Sick Family Member Or Friends

Dear Father in Heaven,

Please let your perfect love cast out every single fear I have for my loved ones and friends. I adore your mighty name and trust in your healing power for (name of a sick relative or dear friend). More than what the sickness has brought to them, I believe that you’ve been hurting to see such sickness crippling the lives of precious children, Lord.

In these prayers for healing, I pray that your mighty presence provides healing for the sick, and may it restore the faith of those doubtful of your miracles.

I know that you have eternal compassion and grace, Father God, and I know that you will not let your children suffer from any form of sickness and will rescue and heal us from death. I humbly say these words before your blessed name and give you all the praise you deserve.


Prayer For Healing And Health

Heavenly Father,

I ask for your healing hand, for you are the one and only source of healing and health. I offer you this healing prayer, for in you I will find calmness and peace in the world. Grant me good health, peace, and strength, and allow me to put my trust in your holy name.

Please make me aware of your mighty presence and teach me to accept the fact that your mighty power and love surround me. I acknowledge that you are the all-powerful God, and I trust in the same power you used to create the entire universe.


Prayer For Healing From The Past


I know that I have been lost before. I come before you to seek comfort and to offer you all the memories that bother me from time to time. I cast out all of my fears related to who I once was. Transform me to become a better version of myself, and help me become a better instrument to bring greater glory to your name.


Prayer For Healing From Depression

Dear Lord,

As I go through my deepest recesses, I desire and desperately seek your grace and mighty name. When I have sudden failures, please give me a better understanding and teach me to take them as my own to improve myself. Take hold of my depression, Lord, and I pray that I will be healed spiritually, emotionally, and physically through your miraculous healing.

I come before you and offer you my complete surrender, as I believe that your tender mercies are the key to my deliverance. I offer this prayer in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.


Prayer For Healing And Renewal

Gracious Father,

I bow down before your feet and humbly ask that you cleanse my heart from all the bitterness, sadness, and doubt. Help my broken heart, Lord, and use your power to renew my body, soul, and mind. Restore me and help me become the person you want me to be, as written in your scripture.

Grant me deliverance and forgive all the wrongs that I have done in the past that have hurt me and the people that surround me. I give you my life so that I can walk closely with you, and I freely accept your peace and healing touch to renew my faith and remove all pain and suffering from my life.


Prayer For Healing To Relieve Pain

Our loving Father,

I thank you for your love and mercy, dear Lord, and I admit that I am not worthy of your goodness. However, despite my shortcomings and the sins that I commit every day, you are still there to provide comfort and bring healing to my suffering soul.

I fervently pray that as you heal, you will turn losses into abundance, frowns into laughter, sorrow into infinite joy, spiritual breakdown into spiritual healing, chaos into supernatural peace, lifelong disease into everlasting life, and struggling relationships into stronger and more harmonious ones.

I acknowledge, Lord, that only you can lift me out of this dark pit and take away all the suffering and pain that I feel today. All of this I request in the name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer For Healing And Hope

Heavenly Father,

I thank you for all the provisions and all the blessings that you have given me, like the gift of family and friends, Lord Jesus Christ. I thank your pure heart for giving me the chance to experience your creations.

Allow me to speak loudly and appreciate how you continuously walk with me in this crisis that I am in now. I know that I am weak without you, but with sincere faith and hope, I trust that you will wipe my tears away alongside all of Satan’s lies. All of this I ask in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit[1].


Support Group and Prayers for Healing

Prayer For A Healthy Body And Mind

Father God,

I bow before your feet to ask you to take hold of my entire body and mind. I ask for complete healing and that you surround and bless me with undying love, joy, and mercy.

Allow me to rest in your truth and fill me with your Holy Spirit so that my wounds will be healed after the battles I have won and the weight I have to carry today. My soul waits for your coming, Lord Jesus, and I offer you these healing prayers.


Prayer For Divine Healing In A Strained Relationship

Dear God,

Take control of this troubled relationship and restore my hope in my partner that we can solve the problems together. I trust in your power and believe that you are capable of turning this broken place inside out and in different directions than before. Help me to keep my heart soft and better understand the circumstances that we are in now.

Allow me to have some rest, but never let the pain or the hard time deceive me into giving up the promise I have for my significant other. Sustain me through this relationship and show me the place and the time to erect boundaries in our relationship.

Give me the wisdom to understand all the truths and the pains that my other half has endured. In these prayers for healing, I pray in the names of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Prayer For Healing And Forgiveness

Father God,

Show me your tender care and grace, and assist me in forgiving others with a clear conscience, as you have forgiven me. Take my pain away and let your miraculous healing sculpt my life for the eternal life you have assured me.

May your son’s death be a reminder that to bring more glory to your name means forgiving all the ones who did me wrong. I believe in your mighty work, and I pray these prayers in Jesus’ name.


Prayer For Personal Healing

Dear Lord God,

I confess to you that I am not certain about what is currently happening, but I come to you as your child, for I believe that your compassionate regard resonates through the Bible and heals me with every breath that I make.

I am no longer afraid, God, for your wisdom, truth, and glory overflow my heart’s capacity. I ask for forgiveness for all my sins, Lord, and I ask you to cleanse my mind, body, and soul of all unrighteousness that keeps me away from you. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer For Healing A Broken Heart

Dear Jesus,

Heal my torn heart and help me break free from any form of bitterness in my life. Be my healer and help me soften the sharp edges of the love that I knew before you came into my life. I pray for fresh grace and to have the chance to start all over again, in accordance with your name. Please walk beside me and continue to heal me through your miraculous ways. I pray in Jesus’ name.


Prayer For Self-Care

Dear Jesus,

Anoint me and provide me strength amidst the struggles I face. Allow me to care for myself and be of greater help to others tomorrow and in the many days to come. Grant me patience and wisdom so that I may follow your actions as stated in the Bible.


Prayer For Illness And Diseases

Lord God,

Your word promises to heal every illness, so long as I believe in you. I acknowledge that you are my ultimate healer, and I offer you my body and look forward to better health. Allow me to walk free from any distress and strengthen me as I lay sick in my bed, waiting to be healed.

I believe that this prayer offered with faith will restore my health, and I know that you are still the God who performs wonders. This short prayer is offered in your name.


Prayer For Healing A Friend


You are the eternal one, and you have no equal. With my prayers, I ask you to heal my friend, for I know that you are the great physician who has the power to give and take away.

Let my friend experience your holy power and heal him with the miracles you still perform today. Give him the chance to correct all his mistakes, and let my friend be the living proof of your mighty name.


Woman Praying with Leg Crossed and Prayers for Healing


May these prayers for healing be of great help to those individuals who are currently struggling at this moment. May you anchor your faith in Christ, for this will make you bolder in facing the many difficulties that come your way as the earth spins around you every day.

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  1. Dear God, I desperately would like a home and new car. I would like the comforts of a loving home and mate to support me so I could tell my story. I acknowledge your greatness . You are never late so please come a early. Amen

  2. Dear Jesus, thank you for all your help, thank you for all your love and tender mercies, I was all bewitched by some one I knew, but now you set me free, I was real sick for 4 years, thank you Jesus for healing my knees, The sinus infaction, the insomnio, all my loneliness, my bitterness, my unfaithful ways, my arrogance, and please don’t let nobody do me no harm, no gossip, no jealousy no evil manners, and no rejections from nobody. AMEN


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