15 Positive Prayers For Help As You Face During Tough Times

At some point in our individual lives, we feel so troubled that we can no longer carry ourselves. At times like these, trust God and lean not on your own understanding, for God’s plans will be carried out regardless of your earthly aspirations.

When problems start to pile up, reciting these prayers for help will be of great aid to you. Apart from asking for God’s help, every prayer is a great source of inspiration to motivate you to build a stronger and more faith-filled relationship with Him.

As God promises us His Kingdom, cling to this truth as you live your life here on earth and serve as His good steward. Cling to the truth that God will be always at your side to help you through every problem you face.

Prayers For Help With Illness

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray this prayer, asking for help with the illness that has crippled my life in the past few months. Be the divine physician that I need and, through these daily prayers and your steadfast love, take away the illness that I carry today. Quench my soul with your grace and mercy, and fill my heart with hope.

Remind me of your presence, Lord, and let your words be the daily bread that I need to stand on my feet and receive healing from your holy hands. This prayer I offer in Jesus’ name.


Prayers For Help To Achieve Financial Stability

Dear Lord,

I come before you, asking you to grant me the financial stability that I need on this earth. Inspire me, Lord, that I may be able to work hard to grow my financial assets without stepping on others. When the day comes that I am no longer financially struggling, allow me to give back to others in need out of pure compassion.

Let your truth be my ultimate driving force and become an instrument for the poor, sick, and dying[1]. Clothe my mind and body with your holy power, Lord, and protect me from the works of evil that seek to corrupt my mind through temptations. These I pray for in Jesus’ name.


Prayers For Help Not To Suffer In Despair

Dear God,

I cling to your word and all of your promises, and I believe that you will never allow your child to suffer in despair. Let your mighty presence keep me away from any trouble and be my savior as I fall on my knees a couple of times. Fill me with joy and never allow me to be lost in the depths of temptation.

Allow me to learn from every struggle I face. May it strengthen my faith in you as my one true Creator. I trust in you, Father, and I will forever uphold your holy name.


Prayers For Help For The Poor To Grant Them Sustenance

Dear Jesus,

Hear my prayer for the poor. Know that being impoverished is not the choice of all homeless children in this world. Allow your gentle love to strengthen their faith in you, and let your scripture be the satisfying bread for their souls. Grant their spirits a place in your kingdom, and they will have eternal life, Lord.

Guide them away from trouble and be their refuge whenever they are in trouble. As the righteous right hand of the Father in heaven, bless them with miracles and take away their pain, worry, and sorrow.


Prayers For Help To Heal Me From My Past

Lord Jesus Christ,

Allow your scripture to bring hope and peace to my spirit as I move on with my life here on earth. Help me not to worry about the dark past I once had. Allow your power to encourage me to keep doing the right things as I wait for your second coming.

Remind me that I am already forgiven of the sins that I have committed. Bless me, as well as other people, to wake up every morning and cling to the reality of your promised land. I believe in you, Lord Jesus, and I trust your word and all of your ways.


Prayers For Help For Helpless People To Face Their Hardship

Lord God,

I ask you to bless the life of your servant. Hear me as I pray for those in need of your help. Hear their cry, let them feel strong, and allow them to pass the hurdle that lies in their path. Please help my friends as well—may they recognize you as their only savior and be Christians, devoted to spreading your goodwill.


Prayers For Help Of Fighting Fear

Lord our Father,

Be my armor and help me fight the fears that cause my failures. Allow me to draw strength from you and help your followers against all temptations. Allow my fears to fade like dust and help me discover my true potential in Jesus’ name.


Holding Hands and Prayers for Help

Prayers For Help Of Seeking Grace And Mercy Of God


Clothe me with grace and mercy and remind me of the reality that I am already absolved of all my past. Let thy name resonate into the depths of my soul, and let your mighty name echo till the ends of the earth. Help me find forgiveness for myself as I find my true meaning here on this earth. Bless me, Lord, for I know that I am nothing without you. Through your mercy, allow me to see your wonderful gift to your people.


Prayers For Help To Find Strength To Overcome Difficulties

Dear God,

Remind me that difficulties in life are there to teach me a meaningful lesson. Allow me to see the light in the darkness and help me recognize your voice to guide me through the labyrinth of sins. Let this problem be my ultimate reason to continue doing things under your name and help me not to commit the same sin as before.


Prayers For Help After The Death Of A Beloved

Dear Lord God,

Help me to be responsible for my own grief. Allow me, Oh Lord, to find peace in your presence and in your scripture. As I grieve today, Lord God, allow me to draw strength and inspiration from these Bible verses. Enable me to acknowledge that physical death is the beginning of our journey to your promised kingdom. This prayer I pray through Jesus Christ.


Prayers For Help To Win Life’s Battle


I recognize your unfathomable power, and I seek your guidance for me to win my battles. Be my great tactician and allow me to move freely according to your will as I triumph against all evil. Be the only reason for me to continue doing the things that I do and allow me to bring glory to your name here on earth. I pray this prayer through Jesus Christ, your Son.


Prayers For Help Overcome Fear

Dear Lord God,

Hear me as I pray this prayer, asking you to help me overcome all my fears that kept stopping me from doing what I was meant to do. Allow thy Holy Spirit to redirect me away from the trouble that seeks to put me on the wrong path. I pray these prayers for help in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son.


Prayers For Help To Seek God As My Rock

Father God,

Forgive me for all the sins that I have committed in the past. Hear me as I cry for help. Be my refuge as I feel weak. Be my stronghold and sustain me in this life that you have given me. Be my rock, Lord, as I pray this prayer through Jesus Christ.


Prayers For Help In Seeking God’s Peace

Dear God our Father,

Hear me as I pray for peace. As the night falls, allow me to sleep and wake up in a world filled with your peace and kindness. With your power, bring justice to the people that need it.

Fulfill your promise to your faithful servants that praise you and allow them to live their lives free of any trouble. Let peace come into their lives to help them forgive others as you have forgiven them. This prayer I offer through your Son, Jesus Christ.


Prayers For Help To Take Away All My Inhibitions

Lord God in heaven,

Hear your faithful servants as we ask you to work with our lives. Take good care of our health and prevent us from thinking that we are weak. Allow us to let go of all our inhibitions in life and grant us rest whenever we feel restless. Through Jesus Christ, I pray.


Hand Reaching Out and Prayers for Help


Allow every powerful prayer for help to be of aid to you during the moments that are beyond your control. Never rely on your own strength; always seek God’s help and wisdom. Allow yourself not to be driven away from the right path by temptations, and trust in our dearest comforter.

Do remind yourself not to be overwhelmed by your burden because God is always willing to take over when you can no longer carry it.

3 thoughts on “15 Positive Prayers For Help As You Face During Tough Times”

  1. Thank you very much for these prayers. I am a firm believer of God. I am not a priest but I enjoy telling people to not only believe in God but make God our Saviour our Lord our everything because He is always here for us. These prayers will help me to convince friends and relatives to be closer to God and to leave
    all our problems, all our troubles,all our worries to Him. With this belief, let’s live life freely happily because He will take care of everything. Live life worry-free . When God is with us no one, nothing can be against us. God is Bigger than anything and everything in the world. If everyone believe this there can be only happiness in the whole world. Hail Jesus our beloved Saviour. I love God .I love Jesus

  2. Blessed are You!
    Thank You for sending these
    I will be sure to read them often and most importantly,
    to share them when prompted
    by the guidance within.
    From That “Special Place” Within Me, All The Love And Blessings To You!

  3. These prayers can guide you to a good path.
    It is helping you as a Christian
    Gives you strength and good will to endure
    Praying makes you feel your getting help


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