15 Prayers For Husband To Lead A Christ-Centered Family

Remember to listen to what God tells you during your prayer time with your spouse, no matter how loud the world speaks its standards. Marriages can’t always be smooth sailing for both husbands and wives. It requires love, courage, faith, and proper guidance from our ultimate leader.

The following are collections of prayers for your husband that will help you as you seek guidance while your family grows with Christ-like values.

Prayer For Husband And His Work

Heavenly Father,

I come before you with a thankful heart and offer you our thanksgiving for all our family’s blessings, especially for my husband’s work, which is our ultimate source of sustenance. Grant my husband courage as he faces all problems in his line of work fearlessly. Speak words in his ears to strengthen his faith in you and your miracles as he continuously works hard every day to provide for his family’s needs.

Allow him to have an uninterrupted connection with his workmates and his bosses, for this will ultimately help my husband build a stronger relationship in the workspace. These are my prayers for my husband, Lord, and I offer them to you through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer For Strengthen My Husband’s Heart

Precious Lord God in Heaven,

I am very thankful to have my husband in our relationship strongly bonded with marriage. I consistently pray for my husband, Lord, that you fortify his heart to be able to withstand the evil and all of his works that seek complete corruption. Give my husband the desire to evade every temptation that seeks to destroy our marriage.

Allow him to draw closer to your words, have faith in all of your provisions, and direct him into the right path towards your righteousness and the life that my husband deserves. Hear my prayers for my husband, Lord. Amen.

Prayer For God’s Wisdom For My Husband During Difficult Times

Lord God our Heavenly Father,

Hear my prayer requests and grant my husband wisdom to face all difficult moments of our life. Allow your Godly wisdom to direct him in all decisions he makes and help him not to lean in his understanding, for in your truth and wisdom, Lord, we are safe.

Lead our lives and allow your presence to be our guiding light to seek our way back to the right track. This is my daily prayer for my Husband, Lord, and I offer our marriage to you. Amen.

Prayer For Healing Of My Husband’s Life In The Past With God’s Love

Father God in Heaven,

Hear my prayer intentions as I pray specifically for my husband’s healing from his experiences in the past[1]. Heal the earthly father of my children and allow your mighty presence to guide him away from any temptation. With your perfect love, help my spouse not struggle over the things that have happened before. With your grace, encourage him to be grateful for every gift he receives. Allow your love, Lord, to mend all past hurts. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Improvement In My Husband’s Parenting With God’s Guidance

Lord God,

Help my husband to be a good father to our children. Allow his leadership skills to guide our sons and daughters to have a life filled with love, wisdom, and peace and away from any scary place. Give my husband the heart of a fighter and allow him to not bend his knees when challenges come our way.

Please help us to trust in him as the leader of our family. Let my husband’s role include being a stronghold for us until our time comes to receive the promised healing and eternal rest in the promised land. These prayers for my husband I offer through Christ Jesus. Amen.

Prayer To Keep My Husband’s Words Pure

God in Heaven,

We praise you, and we glorify your holy name. We acknowledge that your provision, Lord, leads us to your righteousness and your miracles are our visual reminders that you are constantly working on our marriage. Allow your life-changing promise to help us live according to your words.

Help my husband and all other husbands to have a solid spiritual life. Encourage him not to say foul language and teach him to be gentle, the same way you were to your followers. Hear these prayers for husband, Oh God, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pray For Your Husband After All His Sacrifice

Lord God,

Help me to acknowledge the sacrifices made by my husband since the beginning of our marriage to make our life free from difficulties. Please help me to express my gratitude through my own words. Help me see my actions and seek no selfish endeavor as we walk together in your grace.

This is my prayer for my husband, Lord, and I ask you, with all of my heart, that you help us build a new world filled with hope. In Christ Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Family Preparing Food and Prayers for Husband

Prayers For Your Husband To Have Confidence In You And God’s Word

Dear God,

Oh God, help my spouse cast away all doubts and have confidence in my actions. Help him believe in your words and direct him to trust in you and all your provisions, no matter how hard it may seem. I pray to you, God, that we both let go of our past mistakes, for they will no longer help us grow together as partners. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Pray For Your Husband To Have Good Companions

God in Heaven,

I praise you and humbly ask that you hear me as I pray for my husband. I fervently hope that you bless and provide encouraging friendships for him. Bless him not to go with people-pleasers but with individuals that will help him grow and be more Christ-centered.

Help him recognize one person with opinions intended to mislead him from your truth as his only God. All these prayers I pray in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Short Prayer For Finance

Dear Father,

I humbly ask you to help my husband be more responsible for our finances. Remind him to be more accountable for buying things. Help him decide wisely and have his priorities straightened up for our family’s future, especially our children. Grant him the discernment to gradually let go of his vices and encourage him to become the spouse you want him to be. Amen.

Prayer For Healthy Conversations With Your Husband

Almighty God,

As we fulfill our marriage together, allow us to have purposeful conversations to better improve ourselves for one another. Allow your spirit to fill us for us to love each other. With your heavenly love, personally teach us to hear the thoughts of the other. In the name of Christ your Son, we pray. Amen.

Pray That Your Husband Will Lead Your Children Pray

God the Father,

Hear me as I am praying for my husband, that you may bless his heart and spirit to have the initiative to guide our children to pray. I pray that our sons and daughters shall see a beautiful inspiration in praying and continue to do it even without any supervision. Allow us to come to your holy presence whenever any one of us lacks wisdom.

Prayer For My Husband During Anniversary

Dear God,

As we celebrate our anniversary, I pray that my partner will not change in the years to come. Allow our spirit to come as one and help us not seek approval from others’ opinions. Help us know each other more and enable us to be the excellent parents we promised we would become.

Please help us forgive one another for all the mistakes we have made in the past and help us remember the vows we have made to one another. In the name of Christ, we pray. Amen.

Prayer For My Husband As We Build Our Own Life In God’s Work

Father God,

Please guide my husband to have the initiative to lead our family as we build our own. Help us become responsible parents for our future sons and daughters and allow us to act in accordance with all your teachings. Help us not bring all the traumas we had before when we were children and heal us from our past wounds.

Help us remove our dependence on our parents and allow us to be more responsible for our present actions. Oh God, cast away all our inhibitions. In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.

Husband and Wife and Prayers for Husband


May your spouse have the enlightenment that he needs to lead the entire family into Christlikeness through these prayers for husband. Allow these prayers to touch the hearts of all the husbands who need the Holy Spirit’s intervention and have the courage to be a strong head of the family.

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