15 Empowering Prayers For Love And The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Speaking our words of love and affection is best accompanied by prayers, as this can also be considered one of the most thoughtful and powerful ways to show our feelings for our child, wife, husband, or close ones.

Through the prayers for love that you speak, you are actively asking for God’s love to direct your thoughts and actions toward others. To live a Christian life, you should use these prayers to communicate with God and pray for the people you care about the most.

Prayer For Love To Spread

Heavenly Father,

Allow us to love one another with the purest intentions.

Let love be the strong bond that keeps our emotions close.

More than our interests, allow us to take action out of love for one another.

Let our lives be devoted to your truth and grace, and let the world see what unconditional love can do.

Please begin the healing process we all need.

With your great love, O Lord, allow us to forgive, and may your wisdom teach us the correct way to live our lives.

We pray in the name of Jesus.


Prayer For Love And Good Relationships At Home

Lord Jesus Christ,

Help us not to lose love for others, especially for our family.

Help us build, through Christ Jesus, a good relationship with our mother, father, parents, partner, sibling, husband, spouse, and grandparents.

Grant us divine protection against all forms of evil that seek to divide us.

Let your grace, peace, joy, and genuine love be the ultimate reasons why we stick together as one family.

Allow us to worship you, dear Lord, and help us embrace all your teachings so that we may live a life anchored in you.

All these prayers for love are offered in your holy name.


Prayer Of Love For Sisters

Lord God,

Help me become a loving sibling to my sister and allow me to understand her in everything she does.

As we grow up together, I pray that we will live a memorable life together and become good supports for each other’s desires.

Allow me to be her friend, and may we fulfill the same dreams we had together as children.

Please let us grow together through the tears we shed and the morning that has remained unchanged throughout our lives.

All these we pray for in Jesus’ name.


Prayer For Love In Married Couples

Dear God,

May our trust in one another grow as we embark on this new chapter of our lives together, and may our relationship be firmly anchored in your wisdom and love today.

Help us not to fall short in everything we do for the special person we chose to live forever, and let every moment of our past lives remain as it is.

Help us, Lord God, that this marriage may be filled with gifts like happiness, patience, trust, faith, joy, and limitless love and desires.

All these things we pray, Lord, in Jesus’ name.


A Prayer For Love For The Poor

Lord God,

As your word from the Bible says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom in heaven[1].”

Allow me, Lord God, to be a blessing to others, especially to the less fortunate.

Help me to love them without expecting anything in return.

Touch your church so that it may also serve as an effective instrument of social transformation.

Bless me, Father God, that I may sustain myself for others.

All these things I pray for through your Son, Jesus.


Prayer Of Love For Enemies

Dear Lord God,

Help me to see your goodness in the eyes of those who have wronged me.

I pray that you give me wisdom, Father God, so that I may first love them and not doubt their existence.

Allow us to grow from past mistakes and bring us to the point where we are no longer angered by the little things.

Hear our prayers, Lord God. In the name of Jesus, your Son.


Prayer Of Love For Animals

God, our Loving Father,

Help us fulfill our duties as the appointed stewards of your creation.

Allow us to be the loving caretakers of all living things on the land, the sea, and the air.

Make us accountable for all the wrongs we committed in the previous days, and help us to become more accountable for our actions with the help of your church’s guidance.

All these things we pray for out of love for your son, Jesus.

Silhouette of a Couple and Prayers for Love

Prayer For Self-Love

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

Please help me to let go of my old self, seeking affirmations from the world for my interests and validation purposes.

Give me the gift of new beginnings and heal me from all the pains I have experienced before.

Bless me and fill my spirit with your loving mercy, Lord God, so that I may have a deep understanding of my self-worth that is deeply rooted in your mighty name.

Instill in me the truth that loving myself puts me one step closer to loving others.

All of this I request in your mighty name.


Prayer Of Love For A Deceased Companion

Dear Lord,

I thank you, Lord, for the memories I shared with my companion.

Allow me to cherish these sweet memories as he journeys to your kingdom in heaven to be with you till eternity.

Hear my prayer, Lord.


Prayer Of Love Of Difficult Neighbors

God the Father,

Help me to love my neighbors despite all the disputes we have had before.

Help me show compassion for them, for they may be struggling, and help me understand that their actions are not who they are but the product of their previous traumas and challenging experiences.

I may not be able to change them, Lord, but I believe in you as their ultimate escape from what they are currently experiencing.

Hear me, Oh Father, in the name of your Son, Jesus.


Prayer Of Love For Previous Relationships

Lord God,

I believe in all of your plans.

I know that all my past relationships have been bad, but I know it is your way of telling me that I still need to learn more.

Oh, God, transform me to be more than prepared when the right person I prayed for comes.


Prayer For Renewal Of Love And Marriage Vows

Holy God,

I have been married to [name of husband or wife] for years now, but I still see him or her as my one true soul mate.

Although our priorities have shifted to raising our children and tending to our house, please remind us never to have a lonely heart.

We have each other.

Allow us to strengthen our relationship and have hope for one another.

Help us to forgive when we hurt one another.

Allow us to be good role models for our children and other families in the church as the responsible Christians we ought to become.

Let the power of your Holy Spirit bring us more blessings to spend on those in need.

In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, I pray.


Prayer For Lost Love

God, our Heavenly Father,

Hear my daily prayers, and restore the lost love that once existed between you and your people.

Restore us, Lord God, and protect us from all temptations that inhibit us from entering the gates of heaven and experiencing everlasting prosperity.

I know that we are not worthy, but Lord, help us witness your kind heart and the beauty of life you have blessed us with.

All these I desire, in Jesus’ name.


Prayer Of Love After Divorce

Dear God,

Hear me as I pray, Lord, that you allow us to feel your love during these trying times.

Forgive us, for we haven’t fulfilled our promise to you as we said our wedding vows.

Please allow our sons and daughters to understand how hurtful it was for us to stay in the relationship we had, so we had to do this final resort.

Be with us through this prayer, so that we may not lose hope amidst the hardships we are experiencing now.

In the name of Jesus, I pray.


Prayer Of Love Of Brothers

Dear Jesus,

Teach our souls to love our brothers the same way you love your disciples.

Give us the right words to say to them, and direct my body so that I may do what is right and show my love for my brother.

Help me to have a deep connection with him, and let kind gestures be the language of our love for one another.

All of these things, I ask in your holy name.

Couple Holding Hands and Prayers for Love


As you experience Christ’s love when you are actively praying these prayers for love for your friends and other people you wish to show your love to, remember the fellowship and companionship you have created through the years of your existence, and as you receive what you prayed for, may you be thankful to God and show gratitude for all His saving sacrifices.

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    • Blessings to everyone, my name is Virginia and seeking prayers for my brother TROY who has ALS and only have a few months to live, please pray for him, I believe every prayers answer god hear every prayers. 🙏and also for my nephew Steve
      having some liver problem 🙏myself with some health issues HBP cholesterol thyroid and pains in my body 🙏my kids grandson husband and Micheal for their well being 🙏


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