15 Prayers For Mercy And Forgiveness Of All Our Sins

The mercy of our Lord holds greater weight over the sins that we have committed in the past. God offers his own Son to pay for the sins of humanity, and to do our part, we must repent for the wrong actions we have done that created things that widened the gap that separates us from the love and eternal salvation of Christ.

Look into these prayers for mercy and open your hearts, minds, and all your senses, for God has gifted us access to his forever kingdom in heaven. He requires us no unique contribution but to accept our faith as His children.

Prayer For Mercy And Repentance

Heavenly Father,

I come before your Holy Spirit with utmost humility, asking you to grant thy mercy upon me. I do not deserve your great mercy and grace, but I ask you to unshackle me from the chains and satan’s bondage that stop me from experiencing the promised justice and joy in your kingdom.

Allow me not to perish in the pits of hell and bring no judgment over the things that I have done before knowing thy greatness as my one true king and savior. Hear these prayers for mercy, Lord, as I offer it through your dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer For Mercy And Grace Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Lord God,

Your grace and mercy exceed everything on this earth. Your mighty name rules over self-proclaimed chosen ones that seek to lead other people in the wrong direction. Look not into our past sins but our faith in you; We ask you to free us from any forms of temptation.

These prayers for mercy we offer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer To Cleanse My Soul From All My Sins

Our Faithful God,

Cast thy mercy upon your child and allow the whole world to see thy living miracles from heaven. Cleanse my soul with different spiritual gifts and proclaim liberty to my spirit as I rely not on my heart’s desire but your most powerful will. Please have mercy on us and show us compassion despite turning away from you.

Allow me to rejoice as you bring good news to everyone in this world with your love and mercy. I offer these prayers for mercy through your only begotten Son, Christ Jesus. Amen.

Prayer Of Acceptance Of God’s Mercy

Lord God,

We are not worthy of your mercy, but as you have directed us, we accept the salvation you offer through the sacrifices made by your Son, Jesus, who presented Himself to be crucified on the cross. You are our invisible Father, but your works echo through the valley of life and are reflected in everything you have made.

As we prepare for your second coming, grant us time, Lord God. All these prayers for mercy we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer To Strengthen Against Weakness And Temptation

Lord Jesus,

Let thy tender mercies blot the blank canvass of my life. Strengthen my heart with your grace and grant me a special gift to direct me with everything that I do. Remind me that seeking happiness from earthly things will lead me to nowhere. Let your righteousness dwell in me and take away the pains of my past.

Allow me not to be ashamed of you, for you will help me prosper for years to come in my earthly life. Hear my prayers for mercy, Lord, and do not let me suffer the pain and sorrow from any temptations ahead of me. Amen.

Prayer To Encourage Other People To Seek Redemption In The Merciful God

Lord in heaven,

Hear my prayers for mercy and help those individuals who need your guidance. Touch their hearts and redeem them for the wrong things they have committed in the past. All this I pray, Lord, in the name of your Son. Amen.

Prayer Of Contentment In God’s Mercy And Loving-Kindness

Holy God,

I come to you as an unworthy sinner, praying that I will be forgiven of the sins that I have committed in the past. With my faith in you, I ask that you fill my heart with your holy blood and be content with the things I have. Show me the same mercy you gave to the repentant thief, and let your grace clothe me with compassion for anyone in this world.

Help me face every morning with delight and contentment, and allow me to cast my faith in you as our merciful and forgiving Father in heaven. Bless these prayers for mercy, Lord, as I come to you through your only Son, Jesus. Amen.

Man Kneeling Before a Cross and Prayers for Mercy

Prayer To Remain Faithful To God And Endure The Troubles Brought By Darkness


Help me endure every difficulty that will come my way as I seek your kingdom. Whisper into my ears words that would help me conquer every battle as I live my life here on earth. Be with me all throughout until you come again. Amen.

Prayer For The Souls Of Departed Family Members

Merciful Lord,

Hear these prayers for mercy and show your divine mercy upon the spirits of sinners in purgatory. Forgive them, Lord, and do not let the works of evil succeed with their mission. Bring no punishment to the souls of others, including my family and loved ones who had died.

Your mercy is eternal, and you are our Lord, risen from the dead. We worship you, and you deserve all glory and honor. Hear our daily prayer as we offer it through Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Prayer For Forgiveness And Mercy Over Grave Sin

Lord God,

I know I have committed the gravest sin before, but I know you as my God, and I know I am already absolved of my mistakes. Hear me as I repent all my actions before and cleanse me of all impurities that are gradually taking me away from being the person you want me to be.

Hear my prayers for mercy, Lord. Amen.

Prayer Of Forgiveness To Those Who Sinned Against Me

Dear Lord,

Allow me to feel your divine mercy and help me to devote all my life to glorifying your precious kingdom. Guide me through as I forgive those who trespass against me and bless them with your love, the same way you did to me. Help me become one of the few good Christians that seek no ill will against anyone.

Remind me of the truth that I am now unrestrained of sin as you deliberately pay them with your flesh and blood. Lord, have mercy on us and answer our prayers for mercy as we offer it in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

Prayer To Seek The Path That Leads To God’s Glorious Throne

God in heaven,

Work on my life and allow me to walk on the path that leads to your mighty kingdom in heaven. Please grant me protection against any form of temptation and help me remain pure until your second coming.

Hear these prayers for mercy, Lord, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer For Thanksgiving Of Undeserved Grace

Lord God,

You are glorified by good people here on earth, and we will honor your holy name till the end of days. You brought us relief and lifted us from the sins that seek to destroy and punish us. We offer our thanksgiving with these prayers for mercy as we receive your divine mercy and grace that gave us encouragement and to forget every trouble we have had in the past.

Your reign will be known till the end of the world, and your divine law will be observed by everyone as we all live our lives here on earth. All these we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer To Seek Assured Paradise After Receiving The Lord’s Precious Gift Of Mercy


I come before you on bended knees, similar to how Peter wept for betraying you. I am not worthy, but thy will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Enable me to see things clearly which bring glory to your name. Help me not to be blinded by the earthly things that seek to pull me away from you, oh Lord God.

Hear these prayers for mercy and be with me as I journey to your eternal kingdom, Lord. Amen.

Prayer To Accept Salvation And Atonement Of Sin

Lord God,

With humility, we receive your divine mercy[1], and we do not refuse the salvation you offered as your Son was crucified on the cross. His death helped restore sight to people blinded by earthly possessions, and with that, we glorify your eternal grace, Oh God.

Our life depends on you, and we willingly bow down to your presence as you forgive us for the things we did in the past. Look into the good deeds that your people have done to bring glory and honor to your name. These prayers for mercy we offer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

A Praying Child and Prayers for Mercy


As any person is bound to commit sins as they live their life here on earth, we must acknowledge the truth that we are already saved from our past sins.

As redeemed children of God, it is right for us to come to God’s mercy and allow his miracles to free us from the chains of sin, the same way his loving gaze freed Zacchaeus and Matthew from becoming slaves to the works of evil.

Finally, praise God and glorify His name in everything that you do. Look into His mercy and not on His wrath, for He is the eternal and loving God that accepts everyone with repentance in their hearts.

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  1. Thank you That heals my heart just opened when I really needed it as I am lost in the world. Blessing love and light

  2. Dear Lord
    Thank you for your mercy.
    I have sinned too many times,
    and I ask for your forgivness.
    You are the true holy spirit and savior. I pray for your mercy


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