15 Prayers For Positive Outcome And Good News

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As we live our lives here on earth, we may stumble upon various problems that seek to hinder us from achieving our individual goals in life. But as members of Christianity, we must put into our minds and hearts that we should strongly rely on God’s provisions and seek counsel through the prayers that we speak.

Go through these prayers for a positive outcome and seek blessings from our Lord. Fill your life with positivity and ask for divine intervention in everything that you do in life. Listen closely to everything the Lord has to say and live with His love and compassion every day (also, the meaning of the number 44 denotes explanations of how we relate to situations in life).

Prayer For Positive Outcome In College Applications

Dear Lord God,

As I wait and pray for good news on my college applications, still my thoughts, and let me find rest and the truth in your most beautiful sanctuary.

Calm my heart, and do not let fear devour my spirit.

Allow me to have faith in you and remain peaceful as I look into the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Grant my thoughts protection, and grant me the strength that I need to face the application result.

Let my heart be ready and allow my words to overflow as I take one step closer to achieving my dream of studying at my chosen school.

Above all else, remind me of the greatest treasure you have given mankind, as it is the most vital part of our very existence here on earth.

In this prayer for a positive outcome, I pray through your precious Son’s name, Jesus Christ.


Prayer For Positive Outcome For Approval Of Loans

Lord in Heaven,

We praise you, and we glorify your name.

We are not worthy of your heavenly blessing, but we humbly ask on bended knees for the approval of our bank loan.

Please guide us through and use our energy to achieve a comfortable life with our family.

As we wait for approval, help us contain the overwhelming feelings that may cloud our judgments.

Lord, hear our prayer for a positive outcome.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.


Prayer For Positive Outcome In Search Of A House

Dear God,

Hear our prayer for good news and grant us all the blessings that we need to raise our children.

Allow us to search for the right house for our family.

Grant us success in our search, and help us focus solely on glorifying your name and creating a safe place for our children.

Use this house to protect us against all forms of evil and corruption, and clothe us with your grace and mercy so that we may face every morning with love and joy.

This prayer for a positive outcome we offer in the holy name of Jesus.


Prayer For A Positive Outcome And The Safety Of Friends And Family During Calamity

Dear God,

As a vast calamity hits our place, protect my family and friends, wherever they may be.

Shield them from any harm and help them seek refuge amid the chaos.

Be with them and strengthen them so that they may be able to help others in need.


Prayer For A Positive Outcome In A Health Test

Dear God,

Hear me as I pray for good news, hoping for a clean bill and a favorable result from my health test.

More than my health, bless my soul and protect me from the anxious thoughts that kept me restless.

Let your kindness and gentle words comfort me and bring me rest as I wait for the results of my diagnosis.

Bless my health to be more resilient, and allow all further tests to confirm that your blessed words have healed me from illness.

Feel me with happiness, Lord, through these wonderful prayers for a positive outcome.


Prayer For Good Outcome In Promotion At Work

Heavenly God,

As I continue to improve in my workplace, please grant me the chance to step up and hold a higher position.

Hear my prayer for a positive outcome, and help me wait patiently for the deliberation.

Enable me to make decisions with all of my heart, and bless me so that I may not harbor ill feelings toward others.

In Christ’s name, I offer this prayer.


Prayer For Positive Thinking

Dear Lord,

Send your Holy Spirit and grant me the inner peace that I need.

Hear me as I pray for good news, Oh God, and grant my spirit the ability to actively think of positive things.

With both your glory and the truth that surpasses understanding, allow me not to worry, for the works of evil are inferior to your mighty love for your child.

Heal my soul, Lord God, and fill my heart and mind with your peace and forgiveness.

Grant me strength every time I face a situation that requires me not to lean on my understanding.

Reassure me, Father God, of the future that I will spend with you until eternity.

Lady With a Balloon and Prayers for Positive Outcome

Prayer For Positive Energy And Emotions During Dire Circumstances

Everlasting God,

Hear our prayer for a positive outcome and help us during dire moments in our lives.

Help us turn them into something beautiful.

Fill us with positive emotions, and do not let any evil work daunt us.

Help us navigate these problems and enable our hearts to be as strong as yours.


Inspirational Prayer For Heavenly Hope And Wisdom

Father God in Heaven,

You are our only hope, and we rely greatly on the peace and truth of your Holy Spirit, which brings release to the hearts of your people.

We fervently hope and wait for your second coming[1], and our hearts do not worry, for we know that your abundance awaits us as we journey to your safest harbor.

While we wait, grant us wisdom as one society and help us find success as we practice all your teachings from the Bible.

Clear our vision and allow us not to look back on the past and focus on the present actions in our individual lives.


Prayer For Positive Outcome Out Of Patience And Positive Emotions

Almighty God,

Let me have the patience that I need as I deal with problems in my life.

Grant me the positivity that I need to navigate through difficulties.

Allow me to reap the fruits of my actions and help me to continue living a Christ-like life, as you have directed me.

Hear my prayer for a positive outcome, Lord.


Prayer To Consciously Overcome Challenges

Father God,

Hear me as I pray this prayer, and be with me as I face every problem in this world.

Guide me with your grace and keep my soul calm with your peace.

I pray that you grant me the inner peace that I need for my heart to feel safer and reassured.

Lift me when I no longer have the energy to battle against temptations and give my soul the rest that it needs to move forward.

Hear my prayer for a positive outcome, Lord God, in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son.


Prayer For Positive Outcome In The Examination

Lord God,

I praise you, and I glorify your mighty name.

With your peace and love, calm my heart as I hope to receive good news from the examinations we just had.

Let your blessings overflow, Father God, and fill my life with contentment.

Regardless of the results, hear this prayer and receive it as my form of gratitude for the redemption that I have received from your Son, Jesus, who died on the cross.

This is my prayer for a positive outcome, Lord. I pray in Christ’s name.


Prayer For A Positive Outcome During Friends’ Difficult Situation


I am offering this prayer to my friends who are currently in difficult situations.

With your love, take away all feelings of anxiety and guide them through navigating unfamiliar circumstances.

Help them keep their cool and give them hope that there will be better days ahead.

I pray for a positive outcome in Christ’s name.


Prayer Of Freedom For Those Who Are Wrongfully Accused

God in Heaven,

May your blessings fill this world and reach those wrongfully accused people in prison.

Heal them from the wounds they have acquired.

Let your light shine upon them and bring hope to their hearts.

Use other people to help them get the justice that they deserve.

Similarly, forgive all convicted individuals who seek love and repentance.

Guide them to your kingdom, and do not let them go astray.

Hear our prayer, Lord, and allow us to look forward to receiving good news in court trials.


Prayer To Overcome Anxious Thoughts Through Positive Energy

Almighty Father,

Fill my life with positive energy, and do not let anxiety cloud my thoughts and decisions.

Cover me with your love, and help me do things that bring glory and honor to your name.

This is my prayer, Lord, and I offer it through your Son, Jesus.

Woman Infront of Mirror and Prayers for Positive Outcome


We may sometimes lean on our understanding and forget the fact that there is a God whose powers surpass anything on this earth.

However, as Christians, it is our responsibility to seek guidance from Him and to rely firmly not on our capabilities but on the incomparable blessing that the Lord has granted us as His followers.

May these prayers aid your growth in God’s church, help you live by His teachings, and continue His legacy.

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  1. “So Critical and Necessary Is God’s Call Upon Us; His Life-Given Creation, Children and Servants. So we Must Arise under that Righteous Faith, of Our Father in Heaven, Our God and Redeemer Saviour Christ Jesus. And so, In our Global Daily Practises, we Must Arise so to Reveal and Unveil the ‘Spirit of Our God in Us’: Through the Practise of His Holiness, Righteousness and Humbleness in Retention of His Love, Peace, Unity and Friendliness.” Joshua 01:09/24:15 and Deuteronomy 06:04-05.

  2. I am currently awaiting results and this really helped ease my mind and help me find peace in this very stressful environment that I’m in. Thank you all. God bless you


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