15 Prayers For Protection From Evil And Eternal Pain

Despite all our sins, God protects us from eternal damnation and pain. With that said, use these prayers for protection from evil to communicate with the Lord and ask for security at any time.

Let us join together as one family and pray that God will continually grant our individual lives joy and hope as we serve our sole purpose in this world.

Powerful Prayers For Protection Against Evil

Heavenly Father,

Your Holy Spirit rules this world, and your name deserves all glory, honor, and praise. Hear our prayers for protection from evil and protect us with your mighty grace. Shield us with your peace against all the works of the devil that seek to corrupt us.

Deliver us from eternal damnation and surround us with your unflickering light. Dear Lord God, do not leave our side and listen to us as we say our short prayers.


Prayers For Protection During Spiritual Warfare

Lord Jesus,

I pray that you protect me with all my intentions, as I am fighting my own battles in life. I pray that you remove me from this difficult situation I am in. Please give me the time to heal and recuperate from my spiritual wounds. Remind me not to close my door to anyone who wants to help me.

With your son’s blood, please remind me to keep my focus and not on the temporary things around me. All these things I offer through the mighty name of Christ Jesus.


Prayer For God’s Loving Hands To Shield Me From Emotional Pain

Dear Father God,

Allow your abounding peace to protect us from harm and emotional disputes. We pray that you will guard us against the things in this world that seek to inflict harm on our emotions. With your kindness, help us and encourage us to always live by your teachings, regardless of any circumstances.

Allow us to experience victory, Lord, and we ask you to guard us against the enemies’ attack through these prayers for protection from evil.


Prayer For Spiritual Protection From The Father In Heaven

Heavenly Lord, you deserve all respect and glory. I ask that you remove me from difficult moments in my life with my prayers. Hear me and allow me to see a sign like the number 1010 and find the right support group that will help me protect myself in my spiritual journey towards your kingdom.

More than good health, grant me a healthy spiritual disposition in life. I am praying for all of them in the mighty name of Jesus.


Prayer To Seek Refuge And Strength In The Presence Of The Almighty God

Our most powerful God,

Hear our prayers for protection from evil and give us the strength and refuge our spirit needs. Lord our God, with the power of your truth, provide us with safety and allow us to walk our lives without fear of danger or any trouble. As the darkness creeps in, allow us to fight the true enemies that offer nothing but eternal pain.

Do not let our thoughts discourage us from pursuing the most important thing in heaven and earth—your grace.


Prayer For Protection And Healing From Physical Harm

Lord Jesus,

As you have granted me the security I needed with my spirituality, I seek your mighty name to ask that you keep me away from physical injury. With this prayer, I ask you not to let diseases stop me from glorifying you as my one true king.

Remove the things that prevent me from becoming the person you want me to become. These are my prayers for protection from evil, and I offer them through your Son, Jesus.


Prayer For My Friends’ Protection Against Evil

Our gracious God and Loving Father,

Hear my prayers for protection from evil, and let your power reign over the lives of my friends. Protect them, Lord, and bless them with your grace. Help them resist the influence of their enemies and remind them that the works of the devil will continually corrupt them as he feeds on their desire.

Grant them security and comfort, Lord our God, especially whenever they face the enemy unprepared. In the name of Jesus Christ, I offer this prayer.


Bible and Rosary and Prayers for Protection From Evil

Prayer For Wisdom And Protection Against Evil And Temptations

Lord Jesus,

Hear my prayer and be my stronghold as I resist every temptation that seeks to redirect my vision in life. Keep my focus on you alone, and do not let evil intervene. Bless me with your divine wisdom, God, and enable me to become discerning in my life decisions.

Allow me to learn from my mistakes so that I can tell the difference between good and evil. Allow me to mirror all your teachings, and do not allow abominations to take over my life.


Prayer For Guidance And Protection While I Journey To Your Kingdom

Father God,

Listen to my prayers for protection from evil, and protect me as I traverse this temptation-filled world. Grant me security and remove me from any situation that seeks to feast on my weaknesses. Guide me through the valley of darkness and allow me to celebrate in your kingdom forever.

Empower me so that I may be able to hold the advantage over the evil one, and do not allow me to be intimidated as the enemy seeks to threaten me. Oh God, I receive the powers with this prayer, and I ask you to protect me from physical and spiritual death.


Prayer To Surrender All The Desires Of My Heart

Everlasting God,

I give you all the desires of my heart. I offer to you all my victories as well as my losses. I come to you today on bended knees, asking you to cleanse my soul of all the influence of darkness.

Help me step into the light and bring honor to you.


Prayer To Strengthen Faith During A Dire Situation

Heavenly Lord our God,

Use your power over the lives of your children and watch over us, especially during dire situations. Save us from eternal damnation, and let your abilities save us from the influence of evil. Bless me with understanding and instill in me the great importance of choosing you in our lives over evil and all his works.

Through these prayers for protection from evil, I also ask that you strengthen my loved ones so that we may come together as one family in worship. Every prayer I offer is in the mighty name of Jesus.


Prayer For Protection And Discernment During Examinations

Merciful Lord,

This test dictates my future, but no matter how important it is, remind me not to sin again and allow me to mirror you as I take this exam. Silence all the evil lures that seek to guide me in the wrong direction. Help me become strong enough and allow me to aspire to the things that will honor your holy name.

I ask you not to let evil win over me and to cast away things that will not praise you as my true God and Savior.


Prayer To Safeguard Me From Accidents

Lord Jesus,

Protect me from any adverse accident and provide security over my physical body. Use your ability to prevent any accidents that root in the works of evil.

Be with your children, Lord, and do not let bad things happen. Through my prayers, I ask for protection from evil.


Prayers For Protection From Evil And Eternal Darkness

Heavenly God,

Hear my prayers for protection from evil, and let your light shine over me. I ask you not to let total darkness take over my soul. Fill me with your holiness, Lord, and cleanse me of all negative thoughts that seek to corrupt me as a whole and influence my actions.

Help me assert my dominance over Satan as you reside deep inside me. Take control of me with your guiding grace and use me as your instrument to cast out fear and oppression amongst my fellow men. Direct my actions, Lord, so that everything I do will bring honor and glory to your name.


Prayers Of The Faithful To Stay Away From Any Harm


With my faith, I offer you these prayers for protection from evil. Remove me from any situation that seeks to inflict harm on me. Protect my life, including the lives of my family, Lord, as we pray together as one.

Help us not to focus on temporary things here in this world and recalibrate our lives; point us in your direction.


Statue and Prayers for Protection From Evil


Seeking God’s protection is the least we can do when confronted by things beyond our control. As the power of evil is greater than our earthly strength, we must draw strength from our eternal source, which is God.

Regardless of all the things we did in the past, God will always grant us the protection we need and give us the undeserved gift of His forgiveness[1].

3 thoughts on “15 Prayers For Protection From Evil And Eternal Pain”

  1. I pray for our country dear Lord!
    We need your help. We need protection for our environment, our leadership, the decay of our society. I pray You will guide me to help get the help for our elders.
    I want to make a difference!
    Thank You for your help and guidance!

  2. I love those prayers and with God everything is possible.
    Let’s keep seeking God to us devil’s hands and temptations

  3. I love those prayers and with God everything is possible.
    Let’s keep seeking God to rescue us from devil’s hands and temptations


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