15 Prayers For Protection And Safety

Present threats in our lives can make us feel anxious and uneasy. Instead of leaning toward the earthly things that give you a false sense of defense, uttering prayers for protection and asking God for his mighty power can go a long way. Although sometimes it can become a little complex especially when we want to ensure the security of ourselves, family, and friends.

As followers of Christ, we need to acknowledge that there is God who never leaves us at times when we can no longer see the road we are going through. Incorporate the following prayers for protection and be more accustomed to God’s word, for in Him alone we are saved.

Prayer For Protection Of The Almighty Father

Dear Heavenly Father,

I offer you these words of protection, Lord God, that you may allow me to hide beneath your wings and give me protection from evil things. Protect me from different demonic forces, dear Father, for I know that these things prevent me from being with you in the safety of eternal life. Allow me not to lean on my own understanding, for I know that I am in the safety of your presence. Grant me the discernment to recognize the truth of your mighty nameโ€”I am nothing in this world without thy protection. Hear my prayers, Lord.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Protection Of Family

Dear Heavenly Father,

I acknowledge your divine presence and surrender to you every problem that our family is facing right now. I humbly ask that you protect us and bless us with emotional, physical, and spiritual protection and keep every family member safe from any trouble and distress. Through our powerful prayers for protection as one family today, we ask your mighty hand that you show your mercy for your children and help us through this lifelong journey. We also ask that you protect us from the great dangers that lie ahead of us. We glorify your name, Oh Lord, and offer our words and actions in the name of our Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Prayer For Security And Joy


Despite the spiritual attacks happening around me, I find the security and the purest joy that I need in your presence. I am not worthy of your precious blood but I know that you are the sovereign God, and only you can take all the sins of this world. The salvation you have given mankind through your son Jesus Christ reminds me that you are the shield of peace and hope and in the Most High, your dwelling is insurmountable. In Jesus Christ’s name, I pray.


Prayer For Protection To Start The Day (A Daily Prayer)


As I begin my day, grant me protection all throughout. Be my hiding place for times that I need to protect myself from the fear and danger inflicted by other people. Guard my heart that I may find peace amidst the chaos happening around me every day. I offer these prayers for protection to you; Be my refuge and let me rest in your arms, Father God.

Prayer To Protect Your Home

Bless Our home, O Christ, that may its walls can withstand any threats. Let your love strengthen our sanctuary after a long day’s work. We kneel together before you to ask for undying love & grace and never-ending blessing. These prayers we offer in the name of the almighty Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer For Protection And Strength

Almighty God,

Amidst these trying times filled with danger and temptations, help us stand upright in every decision that we make. Give us such strength that we may set free all of our inhibitions and cast out all the works of the evil one. Please provide us the spiritual shelter we need, for we know that we can find refuge and regain our lost strength in you, our eternal Father. Lord God, take hold of our individual lives and carry us through every temptation that comes our way; In Jesus’ name.


Prayer For Protection And Safety During Travels


Hear me as I utter these prayers for protection for a safe trip. Guard me against any harm that comes my way today. I acknowledge the truth that you alone are the ever-present help and protection that I need and your presence alone strengthens my faith in you, Lord. Through these powerful prayers for protection, I pray that you grant me safe travel despite all uncertainties in life. Amen.

Person Reading the Bible and Prayers for Protection

Prayer Against Fear

Father God,

I fear the work of evil. Grant my prayers for protection and use your power to help my heavy heart and mind. Fill me with your words as I pray and keep me reminded that you are in control of this ship, O God.

Prayer Against Sinful Acts

Lord Jesus Christ,

We ask for your divine protection[1] so that you may shield us from every trouble from all the sinful acts of our brothers and sisters. Similarly, help me to remain faithful and not do anything that may cause harm to others. Send your Holy Spirit to help us stand firm in our aspirations to live a Christ-like life. Guide us, as well as my brothers and sisters, away from corrupt spiritual forces. Help us in this spiritual warfare, so that we may do good to our peers as you have directed us to do. These we ask in Christ Jesus’ name.


Prayer To Protect The Workplace


I seek your divine help at my workplace from morning til’ night. Grant my prayers, and bestow upon us the protection that we need, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Help us strengthen our faith and instill in us the truth that consequences follow every foolish action we take towards our work and our colleagues. Remind us not to instill fear in our coworkers. Similarly, we must guard our minds and hearts against individuals that seek to harm us and put us in danger, or sway our convictions in life. Grant us protection, Lord; in Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer To Protect Marriages

Dear God,

Cast out all the threats that go against my marriage. Guide this family, Lord, that we may be able to avoid this deadly pestilence that seeks to destroy us. Lift our spirit, Lord, and cover us with your own love. Finally, remind us to have the motivation to please you as our heavenly king and not an earthly one.

Prayer To Protect Children

Dear Lord,

May the children of the next generation develop a Christ-centered eternal perspective as they continue to become effective leaders of this world. Allow them to see the things in this world through your vision and do not let them be corrupted by the influences of evil. Let them run free in green pastures and let them realize that their earthly dwelling is temporary and the only safe place where they can find rest and refuge is in your goodness and mercy. For Jesus Christ’s sake, deliver them from sins, guard them against harmful instruction, and embrace them with your loving hands.


Prayer For Protection Against Temptations

Jesus Christ,

For our sake and for our salvation, you died on the cross. Guide and guard our hearts, so that we may not give in to any temptations and disregard all your sacrifices in vain. Nourish our spirit, so that we may not go astray and fall into the pits of the true spiritual enemy. I accept your heavenly aid and acknowledge that there is no other God besides you.


Prayer For The Anxious


Be our source of peace when our circumstances become very hard. Remind us that the anxiety and fear that we feel are caused by the evil works of Satan and your power is far more superior compared to anyone here on earth.

As I read your words, I pray that you enlighten me so that I will no longer falter and bend before evil. Help me overcome every struggle I face in my life. Protect me from any thoughts that stop me from doing the things that bring glory to your name. Allow Christ, your right hand, to show me the path obscured by inhibitions that prevent me from taking the leap of faith. In the name of Christ, your Son, I ask all these things.


Prayer For Protection Before Going To Sleep


I pray that as I lay down my head to rest, it will be the refuge of my soul. Protect me from evil entities and let me breathe your almighty power as I surrender you my whole day, Lord. Let me see the heavenly places in my dreams so that I may be reminded of the eternal life I am to claim when judgment day arrives. All these I ask in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Woman Praying And Prayers for Protection


As Christians, we need to be reminded that our ultimate protector is our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us no longer lean on our individual understanding and begin asking for protection from the ones up above; the Alpha and the Omega.

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  1. Thanks you for powerful prayer offer to me may God bless you. IAM Child of God I will countinoin love him forever in Jesus name amen.

  2. Thank goodness for Godโ€™s divine favor and protection. Gods grace and mercy surrounds us as we are loved by Our Almighty Father! Angels ๐Ÿ˜‡ go before us. God be for me who can be against me!! Power in the Word of God and Power in the blood of Jesus! In Jesus mighty name Thanks be to God!! Marvelous victories and miracles!! Rest in the Lord!! Be still and know that I am God!! God loves us๐Ÿ™ Gods blessings to you ๐Ÿ˜‡ Glory to God!! Amen ๐Ÿ™ Stay strong the Lord is fighting our Battles. Winner with Jesus always๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š


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