15 Prayers Before Sleep to Have a Great and Peaceful Night

Saying your special night prayers for sleep and a few words of gratitude are significant, especially when you have a hard time sleeping during nighttime as you keep bothering yourself with the pains of the past and the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Spending time praying before you get your night’s rest will allow you to remember all the promises made by the Lord Himself. It also provides renewal of your thoughts to prepare you for the next day that the Lord will provide you.

Apart from God’s word through the bible verses, you can always feed your soul with these prayers that you can pray before you sleep.

Prayer for Sleep and Good Stewardship

God in heaven,

Give me the rest that I need for me to fulfill my duty as the steward of your creation. Remind me that in order to take care of your creation, I must first take care of myself. Grant me the energy that I need, Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, Amen.

Prayer for Sleep After a Hard Day’s Work

Dear Father,

As I sleep tonight, let your spirit speak and allow me to find rest in your strong and loving arms. Be the good shepherd you are to all your children and lead us to green pastures. Allow us not to grow weary and touch our anxious heart that is rooted in the tiring experiences we encountered today.

Oh, Father in heaven, let your loving care and presence take away the stress and protect us against the things that challenge our faith. Grant every physical body with rest throughout the night for the next day will be a good day to start all over again. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

Good Night Prayers Before Going to Bed

Dear Lord God,

Allow me to have a peaceful sleep beneath this vast night sky, oh heavenly Father. As I fall asleep, may I rest tonight and have the most peaceful dreams before I boldly face the pleasant morning light that your Son, Jesus Christ, has promised.

As I go on with my nightly routine, allow me to reminisce the fun times I had with my friend and family during that day. Allow me to carry these memories as I sleep and help me not to think of all my problems before my bedtime. These I ask, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for Sleep and Renewal

Lord Jesus,

As the whole world sleep, Use your mighty power and device the renewal that we need. Allow your creations to go to rest as we rest for ourselves. Let the resources replenish, for we are in need of it.

Allow us to be your good stewards and take care of all you have given to your people. Let the life here on earth be renewed, and may it continue to have a harmonious relationship for the coming generations. This beautiful prayer I offer to you. Amen.

Prayer for Sleep for a Silent Night

Lord God,

Grant a restful and silent night ahead. Allow me to hear my own thoughts and give me the chance to recollect the things that happened today. Let thy peace be my moving force to help me realize all the wrong that I have done.

Help me to learn from my mistakes for me to know the consequences of my wrong actions. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Sleep for Spiritual Growth

Lord in heaven,

As I close my eyes, work my life and be the encouragement I need to strive for growth in my spiritual aspect. Give me the chance to follow your footprints embedded in the sand, and do not let the evil misguide me in everything I make.

Be the vanguard of my spiritual life, and do not let me fall into the pits of hell and suffer in everlasting pain. Deliver me, Lord, in the name of Jesus, your Son. Amen.

Prayer for Sleep and Forgiveness

Dear Lord,

As I prepare for a good night’s sleep, I humbly come before your mighty presence and ask for your forgiveness for all the wrongs that I have done that caused fear, worrying, and anxiety in me. Grant me the power not to dwell on the past and let me see that the joy, hope, and peace that resemble a river overflows.

Help me not to focus on the wrong things, bless me that I may not lean on my own understanding, and put me back on my feet and utilize my own strength that you granted me, Oh heavenly Father. All these I pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Siblings Preparing for the Night and Prayers for Sleep

Prayer Before Sleep to have Your Strength Restored

Lord God,

As I rest for the night, I pray that my strength will be restored. Allow this night time to be the refuge that I need for me to continue with what I passionately do every day.

May this night recharge me of all the expended energy in work or in school for both myself and my family. Oh Lord, Restore me and do not let me become drained of all the struggles I face each day. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Sleep and Protection

God our Creator,

Allow me not to worry about the things that are out of my control. Answers my prayers and please protect me against the works of evil. Clothe me with your mighty name that no one would hesitate to think of ill thoughts against me. I ask for your protection Lord, for me, my friends, as well as my family. In the name of Jesus, I offer these prayers. Amen.

Prayer Before Sleep After a Disappointing Day

Lord God our Heavenly Father,

Bless me that I may no longer dwell in all the disappointments I had throughout the day. Let my mind rest and stop churning about what had commenced before and allow me to be calm and be thankful for all the things that I had overcome. Remind my thoughts to stop spinning around the disappointing moment that happened.

As I lay and sleep tonight, bless me with your grace in words and allow me not to be afraid of all uncertain times that lie ahead of me, dear Lord. All these I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Evening Prayer for the Overwhelmed Hearts

Dear Lord,

As I am counting sheep and waiting for my sweet rest to let this good night pass, Allow me to lay down on my bed with your promise and grace for me to tone down whatever I am feeling this day. Allow me to be grateful for thy blessings.

Bless and guard me against all feelings of anxiety that prevent me from falling asleep. Grant me peace, Oh God, amidst this exhilarating thought. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Night Prayer for Confessing Sins

Christ Jesus,

Hear me as I seek for your mighty presence. I confess to you all the since that I have committed for the entire day. Help me not to fall into my own spiral of recurring mistakes. I am guilty of all these accusations but as I lay my bed, allow my soul to have peace and hope that I may choose the right doors as I wake up tomorrow. As your child, Lord, I have faith in you, and I cast all my troubles before your mighty spirit. Oh Jesus, hear me as I pray. Amen.

Bedtime Prayer for Parents

God our Father,

Allow my soul to have peace for the night and let me rest to prepare myself for tomorrow. Power me up, for I need my strength to be restored to fulfill my purpose in life and be a good parent that I can be for the children.

Keep my calm for tonight and the rest of the evening so that I may wake up tomorrow morning without the feelings of fear, doubt, and restlessness. Empower me, God, and talk to me as I have my restful sleep. Amen.

Good Night Prayers for Insomnia

God of Peace,

I am praying on behalf of all the people with insomnia[1]. Let your angels visit those who need rest but cannot. Allow them to have the peace of mind they need and let their soul take a break from what bothers them every night. Allow them to see your holiness in their life. Amen.

Prayer Before Sleep Against Anxiety Attacks

Lord God,

Be with me during this challenging time in my life. Reassure me that whatever happens, my prayers will be answered, and I will live with you forever in your kingdom. Let the problems of this world dissipate and no longer cause anxiousness in me. Allow me not to worry about the things that are causing my attacks. Be with me, oh Lord, as I face every struggle that comes my way. Amen.

Woman Sleeping and Prayers for Sleep

Final Thoughts

As this nighttime begins to be filled with doubts, remember that you can always come to God through these powerful night prayers and seek refuge in Him. During challenging times, saying your prayer is exactly what you need to keep the peace and tranquility of your thoughts and feeling.

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