15 Prayers for a Successful Surgery and Fast Recovery

Dealing with the anxiety brought by fear before going through medical operations can be challenging, most especially for those who live a life not anchored to the words of Christ.

However, as devoted Christians, these challenging moments enable us to develop a better connection. They have perfect harmony with the Lord through popular prayers for surgery and His words in the bible.

This article provides you with healing prayers for surgery to help you overcome your adversaries and lay all to him all your worries as you or a person you know undergoes an operation.

Prayer Before Surgery of a Loved One

Heavenly Father,

I come before your mighty presence with great humility and ask for your healing hand to guide (name of a loved one undergoing surgery) through his surgery, God. I ask for your healing power with joyful acceptance, for I know that you are the one true God and loving Heavenly Father that takes away all illness and sins from our physical body.

Let your abiding presence guide the doctors and medical staff assigned for the surgical procedure, that they may have the presence of mind and the full dedication to find success as they face the operating table.

I have faith in you, Oh God, and I allow you to enter into my anxious heart and give me the assurance that it will be a successful operation. All these I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for Surgery and Fast Recovery Process

Dear God,

I trust in you and your compassionate care for my full recovery. Bring restoration and rest for my body, Lord, and help me recover from the complex surgery I recently had. I thank you, Oh Lord, that you guided the surgeons throughout the entire procedure, for no harm had come to me from the beginning till the end.

Let thy grace and miracle be my ultimate reason to endure the darkness and never fear of what lies ahead. All these I pray in Christ Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for Surgery of a Friend

Dear God,

Please know that I am deeply concerned for my dear friend, who will undergo surgery a few hours from now. As the surgeon performs this delicate surgery, let your grace and mercy clothe my friend the moment he enters the operating room.

Allow him not to worry and let him worship you and seek your promises and compassion, and may you give him enough courage as he takes this journey.

Guard the doctors and medical professionals and provide them with the wisdom and skill they need as they perform the surgery. All these surgery prayers for my friend I pray, through the mighty name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer of Encouragement Before Surgeries

Lord God,

I believe in your higher power, and I humbly ask that you cast away the worries and grant me relief and tranquility as I undergo this operation. Look into the faith of your child, oh loving Father, and let your mercy and power cast away every pain and all complications as this operation begin to restore my health.

Let your promises protect me from all forms of evil that seek to har, me and inflict everlasting pain to my soul, Oh Father. These Prayers I pray through Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen.

Prayer after a Successful Surgery

Lord God in Heaven,

First of all, I thank you for a very successful surgery. I offer my gratitude as you have directed all medical people that made it possible for me to be blessed with this second life. Thank you, Lord God, for the new morning healed from the suffering and pain from the sickness.

As my hope for this operation to safely pass has been answered, allow me to offer you my prayers and its success and give back to your mighty name these Christ-centered actions filled with life, faith, joy, and peace towards others especially to those worried patients in the hospital who need your light and blessing.

Prayer for Surgery of Spouse

Be with my partner, dear God, as he undergoes this surgery. Allow him to draw strength from you and help him believe in your mighty miracles. Allow him to be healed from his sickness. Do not let his knowledge of you be obscured by the works of the evil. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer of Guidance for Doctors

Dear Father,

Guide the doctors in charge of my surgical operation, that they may have the presence of mind and the endurance they need to finish the operation. Help them relax before and after the surgery and allow them to draw power from your holy name. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Surgeons Operating and Prayers for Surgery

Prayer During Hospitalized of a Friend


Grant them the peace of mind that they need. Cast away all anxiety that prevents them from seeing through the cloudy water and recognizing your mighty prowess. Help the nurses have patience in attending to my friend’s needs and restore my friend’s full health, that he may perform their duties as your steward.

Prayer for Miracle Healing after Surgery

Dear Lord,

Grant me the miracle healing that I need after my surgery. May this strengthen me as a whole and be able to perform what you asked me to do. Be my light as I traverse this path, and let me be the living proof of your mighty works.

Prayer for Patient with Terminal Disease

God in Heaven,

I cling to your wisdom and as my one God, and we allow you to take control of my health, my mind, body, and spirit. May this surgery be the answer to my healing, but if it is your will that death will come to my earthly body, let your will be done.

Bless my spirit that I may recognize the way to your everlasting kingdom and shine the light to my family members that they may not get troubled as I fall asleep in your loving arms filled with peace and joy. Hear my Christian prayers that I offer to you through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer for Healing of Patients after a Surgery

Dear Lord God,

I ask your mighty name that you bless my life with healing after the surgery that I had. Heal me from the sickness that brought my soul down and my family in debt. Listen to your children, the believers of your miracles[1], for my life needs your mighty power.

Allow your Holy Spirit to carry me through my remaining days here on earth to do exactly what you want me to do as your child- to spread thy word to the ends of the world. This short prayer I offer through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Request for Spiritual Strength and Faith For Surgery

Lord God in Heaven,

As my faith is being tested at this point in my life, help me find rest in your words but never let my faith in your waiver. Allow this surgery to not only heal me physically but to give me freedom and cure of the spiritual illnesses brought by the works of evil.

May this adversary be the beginning of a healing life for me and every family member of mine. All my prayers I offer to your mighty name through your Child and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Prayer Before Surgery of Parent

Heavenly God,

Allow me to feel your loving nearness and walk with me, especially with my mother/father, who will be undergoing surgery a few hours from now. Allow the nurses and the doctor to have a smooth sailing process and grant my mother/father peace and healing all throughout.

I pray that you would not let my parents go to the afterlife this very soon, but if it is your will, I fervently pray that through these words, Oh Lord, I may feel the reassurance that you will work miraculously with the lives of my parents. These prayers I offer through your Son, Jesus Christ.

Prayer for the Sick

Dear God,

Hear my prayers for the sick and allow them to feel you working as you transform their body. Help them see your miracles and allow them to prove themselves worthy of all your sacrifices. I pray that you wouldn’t let them lose their way and be misguided by the devil. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Someone Who Needs Finances of their Surgery

Regardless of their religion, I pray for those currently in need of finances to be able to undergo operations. Hear their prayer, Lord Jesus, and appoint stewards that will help them raise funds and bless them with spiritual healing and peace of mind to help them do the right decisions. I come before you, Oh Jesus, with my prayers. Amen.

Hands Making Heart and Prayers for Surgery

Final Thoughts

As you pray these prayers, allow yourself to be filled with the love of God and the knowledge and truth that He will never let you go astray, especially during the most challenging times of your life. May you realize the Lord will always be listening to what you ask from Him.

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