15 Prayers For The Depressed Individuals Who Need Help

More than medications, it is important that we come to the Lord as we face difficulties in life. Through these prayers for the depressed, you can help other people who suffer mental illnesses, including those you care about and are dear to you. Go through this list of prayers and incorporate them as you meditate in the morning or go to bed at night.

Healing Prayers For The Depressed And People With Mental Illness

Dear Heavenly Father,

Listen to all of your children and help us, especially those struggling with depression and other mental illnesses. I am constantly praying that you would be with them as they fight every struggle that seeks to falter their courage. Let every sunrise teach them that everything is temporal, including our problems.

Remind them that there is strength in weakness, as long as they come and seek you whenever loneliness has taken over. These prayers for the depressed we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayers For The Depressed Family Member

Holy Lord God,

As one of our family members suffers from depression, we ask you to help them step out of the darkness and into your loving care. As you have promised, do not let eternal death take over the life of our beloved. Hear our desperate plea, Lord Jesus, and do not let sad emotions control their future actions.

Heal them through counseling and strengthen their faith in you as your follower. Amen.

Healing Prayers To Help Against Depression Today

Heavenly Father,

Let your Holy Spirit come down to your people and allow your joy, peace, and loving kindness to mend my wound and give my life hope as I battle against depression. Lift me up as I take the treatment, and do not allow me to doubt your goodness.

Use my counselor as your instrument, and feel free to fill my heart with your light and wisdom to remind me not to feel weak and afraid, as your truth and healing are all I need. These are my prayers for the depressed, Father Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer For Friends To Fight Depression


As your child, I come before you with my prayers for the depressed, asking for help. I ask you to take control of the body of my best friend and plant your grace deep inside of him to grant him freedom from so many things that kept him worried and miserable.

Speak to him through the bible and take control over his depression, Lord Jesus.

Prayers For People Who Feel Hopeless

Lord Jesus Christ,

Through your mighty name, I pray that you bring hope and peace into a person’s life filled with troubles and darkness. Teach them to stand again by the power of your grace and mercy. Renew them from the sins they have committed and be with them as they journey to your kingdom filled with life and your truth.

Lead them not into the pains of hell and deliver them from eternal misery. All these prayers for the depressed, I offer. Amen.

Prayer For Kids Who Feel Weary And Helpless

Almighty God,

I am a testament to your grace and eternal power, and you are deep within me as I walk my life here on earth. With my prayers for the depressed, help your child and point him in the right direction. Allow your word to flourish and cleanse all weary and helpless people of their stress and inhibitions.

Help them wake up with a brighter disposition in life, and let this moment remind them of your eternal love for them.

Prayer For The Depression And Anxiety Of My Children

Lord God,

Send your Holy Spirit down onto this world and let your light shine over my children currently diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. Fill their life with your peace and hope and remind them that no matter what the circumstances are, you will still be with them every step of the way.

Help them get rid of their negative feelings, and do not let suffering weaken their desire to pursue you as their true God. I offer these prayers for the depressed in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Problematic Man Sitting and Prayers for the Depressed

Prayer For My Parents To Be Strong Amidst The Struggles

Holy God,

With these prayers for the depressed, I ask you to be the stronghold for my parents as they strive to make things work for our family. Be their eternal source of strength and clear them of any feelings of depression.

Help them recall all the battles they have surpassed by the power of your Holy Spirit. Please enable them to realize that nothing is impossible, as long as they walk closely with you. Amen.

Prayer For The Safety Of Struggling Individuals In Despair

Lord in heaven,

Listen to me as I pray for individuals suffering from depression. Help their heart not feel overwhelmed by the physical and mental struggles in their lives. Free them from the bondage of their thoughts and help them rise again as they accept you as their Lord and Saviour.

With your grace, ensure their safety and acknowledge their faith in you. All these I ask, through these prayers for the depressed. Amen

Prayer For Joy And All Positive Emotions To Support A Person With Depression

Our joyful God,

Hear my prayers for the depressed and pour joy into the lives of people who are currently enduring depression and other cognitive illnesses. Help them see thy beauty in every little thing that they have.

Help them become bearers of your goodwill and allow the world to see your mercy through them. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Prayer To Seek Spiritual Help In God’s Glory And Presence

Lord God in heaven,

As depression and anxiety have taken over my life, I pray that you grant me rest and lift my soul to your light. Help me spiritually and strengthen my faith in you and all of your provisions. Do not let me be afraid of what’s ahead, for the salvation you offer is far more superior than anything in this world.

Help my heart not to feel overwhelmed by all negative thoughts. I pray that you join me as I battle against my mental health problem. Remind me that you, alone, are sufficient, and your strength is insurmountable. These prayers for the depressed say, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer To Help Heal Emotional Wounds Through Medication


I cry out to you with all my heart and ask for my healing through medication. As I offer my prayers for depression, I invite you to help me recover from my emotional injuries. Help me recall this day when all my crying turned into rejoicing.

Ultimately, I pray for other individuals who are currently enduring depression. Teach them to surrender everything to you, Father God.

Prayer For Patience And Understanding For People Feeling Depressed And Anxious

Heavenly God,

I praise you with my life, and I pray that you carry all depressed individuals out of the darkest places. I pray that you replenish their spirit with happiness, and I ask you not to allow weakness and fear to overcrowd their hearts. As I interact with them today, grant me calmness and understanding, and no matter what happens, do not let me do anything that will add timber to the fire and worsen their depression and anxiety.

Take control over their life, Lord God, and empty them of pain and fear. Save them with your scripture and grant refuge to their tired and lonely heart. With these prayers for the depressed, I ask you to allow them to feel peace and hope. Amen.

Prayer To Help Lighten The Burden Of Individuals With Depression

Heavenly God,

With my prayers for the depressed, I ask your word to lighten all the burdens of individuals diagnosed with depression. Pay attention to the needs of their body and let them recover from the most challenging part of their lives.

God, I ask you to bless them with people the will help them conquer all their battles and remind them that they were never alone.

Prayer For Fellow Christians Who Have A Mental Struggle

Heavenly Father God,

As sisters and brothers in Christ, we offer all our thanksgiving for thy promise and the strength that kept us going. Today, we pray for the life of our friend who is currently suffering from depression. Talk to him through his favorite scriptures and bible verses and remind him of the salvation that your name has to offer.

Grant him strength and embrace him with your gentle arms. Help him not feel discouraged and fall short in his duties as your follower. All these we ask, through our prayers for the depressed. Amen.

Person Sitting and Prayers for the Depressed


Allow these prayers to touch the hearts of the lost individuals. Trust in God’s power, and do not let the devil and all of his works[1] take over you or some other people’s lives. Use these prayers as your weapon against thoughts of destruction and negativity.

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