15 Prayers For Today To Raise Your Spirits

Putting God first in everything that you do each day is the most important thing for every practicing Christian. Through these daily inspirational prayers for today, you can always talk personally to God as you prepare yourself for a day packed with challenges.

As you read God’s word through the bible, remember to utter powerful prayers a few minutes before you start the day as this would help you to make the right decision that is in accordance with His will.

Daily Morning Prayer For Thanksgiving

Dear God,

Your everlasting presence, Lord, is insurmountable. You exist in every creation that you have devised. Your abounding grace radiates as the sun shines over this world and your righteousness and omnipotent presence are seen through the mighty river, highest mountains, and the roaring seas.

You, o Lord, are my tangible reminder today that my own careless thoughts are nothing compared to your steadfast love and wisdom. Lord, I will forever remember you and the perfect peace that you have brought into my life. These are my prayers for today, and I offer them in Jesus’ name. Amen.

A Morning Prayer Of Gratitude For The Blessings Received

Heavenly Father,

I thank you for all the blessings that you have given me, Lord God. I thank you that you poured your unconditional love deep into my human soul. Thank you for your amazing power and for being the strong tower as you stand strong for my fragile earthly life. I thank you for the gift of wisdom and courage, Lord, for these two enable me to have power against all the problems that I face today and to give glory to your mighty name and kingdom.

Lord Jesus, in my prayers for today, I ask for your forgiveness for the sins that I have committed in the past and help me not to sin again. O Lord, guide me that I may traverse the path that point only your way.

Let me hear the same sweet whisper as before and grant me a cheerful spirit, especially when situations don’t go on my way. All these I pray, In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Daily Prayer For Strength

Dear Lord,

I need strength, Father, and I come before your Holy Spirit with my prayers for today, for I know that you are the only God that can perform miracles. I ask that you give me the strength that I need, Lord, for I feel weak today.

Walk closer with me, for I feel like I need someone to cling to whenever I stumble unexpectedly over some problems. Be my stepping stone, Oh Lord, and let your salvation be my reminder of who I really am. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Morning Prayer Before Going To Work

God Our Father,

My prayers for today are that you bless me with great success in my work today. Open your eyes; watch over the well-being of your child, God. and help me avoid any negative occurrence in my workplace. Allow me to consciously tuck in all your provisions this morning and let positivity follow as I go to my work.


A Daily Prayer For Hope

Dear Father,

Be my hope today, Lord, and drown all the other voices that seek to pull me away from you. I adore you and I know that you are an eternal God. I cling to your promise as I pray these prayers for today that you will be the hope for the hopeless, so I run to your grace and goodness with my hands stretched out to grab hold of your great love.

Be the light I need and remind me that at the end of the darkest night is the breaking of dawn and the revelation of your shining glory[1].

Allow me to cling with hope to your dominion, Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name.


Morning Prayer To Have Courage

Dear Lord God,

As I start this wonderful day that you have created with my prayers for today, bless me with tenacious winsome courage for I know that I will need it throughout the day ahead. Sustain me, Lord, and allow your absolute love and performed miracles to be my ultimate reason not to crave sin again.

Help me to keep my head above water and not allow me to drown in temptations that pull me to the deepest part of hell.

Have mercy, Father, and allow me to be courageous enough to know your love today, Lord. All these I pray in your holy name.


Morning Prayer For The New Day

God our Father,

As I begin this new morning, I pray that your words will give me a fresh start with your spirit and peace and joy. Blessed are you who take away all the sins in this world. Grant my prayer for today and stand with me as I embark on my journey to your kingdom where death takes no hold of anyone. I offer these daily prayers, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Waking Up and Prayers for Today

Morning Prayer To Gain Protection

Dear Heavenly Father,

Allow one to see your grace, Lord, and let your Holy Spirit clothe me with impenetrable protection against all evil. Hear my prayers for today, and be my savior and lead me not to feel the pain of hell. Allow my spirit to be filled with your truth and allow me to worship you after every unmerited favor you have given me, oh Lord.

Guard my path today, Lord, as I journey to eternal life in heaven, and help me not to fall short as I take the leap of faith to find peace and abundance in the right places.

All these I ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.


Daily Prayers For Close Friends

God the Father,

I am very glad that you have blessed me with such good comrades. I pray that you forgive us if we desire to do things that are not according to your will. I pray that you take hold of our spirits and direct us to the things that you like us to do.

Allow each body to be overflowed with your perfect gift of mercy and help us become your stewards and allow us to serve your holy church. Like how a river flows freely to the sea, allow no blockades to hinder us from fulfilling our destiny together as colleagues. To you, I offer my prayers for today.


Prayer For Rest

God our Father,

Grant me rest after all the struggles I faced for the day. Heal any spiritual and emotional wounds I had for the day, and prepare me for the battles I have for tomorrow. Hear my prayers for today, Oh God, and take hold of my life.


Daily Prayer For Prosperity As I Celebrate My Birthday

Almighty God,

Bless me and my family today with good health and rich spiritual life with you as we celebrate my birthday today. Allow my family to see you and make us serve you forever. I pray that you give us the chance to build relationships with our church and help us as we desire to continue to spread your holy word through every community. Use my special day to work on the lives of my family and draw them nearer to you. These are my prayers for today, and I offer them to you, Our Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


Daily Prayer For Relief Against Anxiety

Blessed Lord Jesus Christ,

Allow me to lean on your rich love and truth, not my feelings. Allow the positivity to follow me as the new day starts. Teach me not to stress over things that are out of my control and allow all good things to cover up my fear of tomorrow and regrets from yesterday.

Shine me your holy light as I walk and follow your lead and keep me away from the temptation to get anxious over things. Teach me to have self-discipline and allow me to have faith in your guidance today, Lord.

These prayers for today I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ your Son.


Daily Prayer For A Sick Friend Or Family

God Almighty,

I know that life is loaded with different possibilities, but I entrust to you all the uncertainties that the future holds. I pray that you grant the spirit of (name of a sick friend or family member) healing and grant them a safe haven for them to have rest. These are my prayers for today, Lord.


Daily Prayer To Ask Forgiveness

Jesus Christ,

If ever I fail today, forgive me as I conform to the standards of this world. Allow me to listen as you speak words to keep my heart pure and overflowed with peace and joy. Forgive me Lord for I once doubted your guidance, power, and provisions, God.

In the name of Christ Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Daily Prayer For Good Health


Thank you for the bountiful blessing that you have given us through the years. We continually pray that you grant us good health and give us the chance to serve for your grace.

You have died on the cross to save the life of your servants. Thank you, God.


Light Shining Through Church Window and Prayers for Today


Remember that our life belongs to God himself. It is our responsibility to grow in wisdom as Christians continually before the second coming of our Lord.

As you pray these daily prayers, remember to do it with utmost intent and feel God’s presence as you utter every single word of your prayer.

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