The Meaning Of Ravens In The Bible

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The raven is the first bird to be mentioned in the Bible. Although the story of Noah sending out a dove from the ark to determine whether or not dry land existed for the rescued animals and humans after the flood is widely known, fewer people know that he originally sent forth a raven, as found in Genesis 8:6–7.

The reality that the raven didn’t come back only gave Noah half the information he needed; the first bird had found little food to scavenge. However, Noah still didn’t know how much land was in sight. The dove’s return, carrying a branch, reassured the original ship’s captain that life on Earth was slowly returning to normal. However, the dove hadn’t found enough vegetation to survive. Therefore, it returned.

What Do Ravens Mean In Biblical Mythology?

In the Bible, ravens brought both good and evil. One of the more notable examples is when Noah sent out two young ravens from the ark to see if the flood waters had receded enough for him to leave his boat. The young ravens returned with food in their mouths, which Noah interpreted as a sign that it was safe to disembark. Ravens have also been associated with God’s care and what God told Job and us regarding his commandments.


Some scholars believe that this story is a parable about God’s provision for man. God feeds us with what we need (even if it is something as simple and basic as food), so long as we look in His direction rather than at ourselves. When we feel like we have nothing left to give, it is often because we are looking at ourselves.

When we look at God, however, God feeds us with what we need. Furthermore, the ravens were a sign of hope. They were sent out during the flood and returned with food, which meant that even after such a devastating event, there was still plenty of food available.

Wisdom and Knowledge

Regarding ravens’ meaning in biblical mythology, the story of Noah’s Ark[1] is not the only tale in which they appear. The ancient Jews believed that ravens were a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, as well as foresight. Their ability to remember where food was located, even after years or decades had passed, meant that they were seen as omens of good fortune. This means that if you see a raven, it is a sign that you should be wary of the future and try to plan.


The Bible also teaches that we should respect and honor our parents, as well as other senior members of the family. In Proverbs 30:17, the Bible states, “The eye that mocks a father, that scorns an aged mother, will be pecked out by the ravens of the valley, will be eaten by the vultures.”

The verse warns of the consequences of disobeying what God has told us regarding his commandments. The raven’s carnivorous habits symbolize the punishment meted out to an offending party. God does not tolerate rebellion against authority from stubborn and disobedient children, especially those of one’s parents.

Resilience And Survival

When it comes to the raven in the Bible, there are many other instances where the raven is used as a symbol of strength, resilience, and survival. In 1 Kings 17:2–6, God sends a pair of ravens to feed Elijah after he has been fasting for 40 days and nights in the wilderness. The prophet’s food supply runs out when God sends strong winds that prevent any rain from falling. The ravens’ arrival provides Elijah with enough food to survive until God sends rain again.

With this being said, the raven symbolizes the ability of human beings to survive in the harshest conditions. Ravens brought intelligence as well as resourcefulness. In this way, it represents all those who can find solutions in difficult situations and make use of available resources.

raven flying and raven meaning in the bible

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Ravens?

The spiritual meaning of the raven is linked to the processes of initiation and rebirth and the profound understanding and insight gained as a result. Listening to divine guidance, igniting your higher consciousness, and letting go of distractions are all steps toward achieving this.

The broader spiritual connection with ravens revolves around being flexible and adaptive and discovering the wisdom in fights you may face. Depending on the context, seeing a raven could signify that it’s time to enter a new phase of life or that you must find new ways to practice your witchcraft or medicine. If you see a raven, it’s a reminder that you can outsmart others when you need to. 

Raven is a healer, too, a symbol of the importance of channeling one’s intelligence into helping others rather than harming others. Even in the night of the soul, the raven can help you discover your voice and see what’s hidden in the darkness. How you feel in this situation is a crucial indicator of its nature. It’s possible that the bird and you formed a bond. Maybe a wave of insight, calm, or hope washed over you.

Perhaps you were unsure of why this meeting was so crucial, but you knew it was. Remember that no one else can tell you how to react spiritually but yourself. And so, if you thought your run-in with a raven meant something, you were probably correct.

There seem to be several avenues to explore while attempting to decipher the meaning. Some introspection will inform your interpretation of the particulars of the meeting and how you felt during it.

Are Ravens Evil?

Three key factors make ravens a symbol of bad luck. One, they devour dead animals and scavenge for food. Second, they carry all the negative connotations of something like the color black due to its darkness. Third, their croaking sound is unsettling and morbid, making it easy to draw parallels to the end of life. As a result of these associations, the raven is often viewed as a symbol of melancholy and poor fortune.

What Do Ravens Symbolize?

In many European myths and stories, ravens play a role similar to omens of death. They’re often represented as the allies of witches and wizards, and their presence is often equated with occult or psychic abilities. However, the story isn’t limited to just those negative connotations. The raven symbolizes children’s loyalty to their parents in Chinese and Japanese cultures.

As a bonus, the raven is considered a symbol of good fortune and wisdom in Tibet. Many Native American communities hold significant meaning for the raven. The Mohawk people believe it brings messages from the afterlife and aids the lost. The Navajo people think that the sound of two cawing ravens also conveys important information. It is often held that they portend future suffering followed by joy.

In Haida culture, the raven has mystical and curative powers. Furthermore, the sighting of a raven is taken as a sign of guests arriving soon. In Europe, the negative connotations of ravens seem to have emerged only recently. Huginn and Muninn were two ravens who accompanied Odin in Norse mythology.

Huginn was linked to reasoning, whereas Muginn was related to recollection. They were Odin’s eyes and ears, sent out daily to gather information from around the globe. Consequently, ravens became a symbol of intelligence. Apollo was associated with ravens by the ancient Greeks.

The Romans also had a fable about a general who used a raven to assist him in winning a battle. Both the Christian Bible and the Jewish Talmud feature ravens prominently, even in the account of the Great Flood. When the prophet Elijah is hungry in the desert, God tells the ravens to bring him food. Three times, the raven is used to illustrate God’s provision for His creatures.

What Does It Mean When You See A Raven?

The raven is famed for its intelligence, yet it is also a bird connected with spiritual understanding. Its presence in your life may be nudging you toward some introspective reflection, which might shed light on the problem and suggest ways to approach it. Of course, it might be challenging to stop and reflect on our hectic lives. There’s a chance the raven is trying to tell you to pay attention to the here and now.

You might need to take a bird’s-eye view of your situation, much like a soaring raven. Maybe you’re starting to feel pressured because of how much you want to accomplish in a single day. Taking a moment to examine your circumstances can feel insurmountable. Yet, even a brief period of contemplation or meditation can help you see things in a new light.

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of A Raven In A Dream?

Seeing a raven in your dream can sometimes bother you, as you might have heard about them being unclean birds, but you can take two meanings from seeing a raven in your dream in the Bible.

Positive Meaning

If a raven appears in your dream, it may signify that you must get up at midnight to pray for protection from evil forces. A raven in your dream could be a warning that someone is plotting something wrong against you.

Raise your voice and use prayer as a weapon to destroy the evil organization plotting against you. It could also be a message from the universe asking you to keep fighting the good fight even when it seems hopeless. Being at peace and content could signify being shielded from harm, being delivered from a problematic situation, or even winning an important triumph.

Negative Meaning

A raven appearing in your dream is a suspicion of terror, assault, impediments, bad news, sickness, death, mourning, challenges, destruction, and a watchful spirit. Seeing a raven in the sky could signify someone plotting something terrible to harm you. Seeing a raven in a cage could mean that you are feeling confined and restricted. You might be stuck in a situation where you feel as though there is no way out.

Betrayal, disloyalty, funeral, loss of a family member, accident, long-term ailments, disagreement, prayerlessness, weakness, blockage, delay, and so on may all be portended by the appearance of a raven or crow in a dream. It could also indicate that the person is incarcerated or under the devil’s influence. People in this situation may continue to dwell on their issues until they pass away. You must pray.

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As far back as anybody can remember, the ravens have remained a symbol of the underworld, witchcraft, and mystery. But other ancient societies, like Christianity, say these birds once embodied the sun with its light because of their dazzling white plumage.

A raven belongs to many concepts, including the afterlife, foresight, secrecy, intelligence, wisdom, and trustworthiness. These birds will serve as your totems and spirit guides, inspiring you to do well and instructing you in the ways of the righteous.

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