The Meaning Of Revelation In The Bible

Revelation meaning in Bible is the miraculous disclosure of truth by God to humans that they would not otherwise know and are unable to find on their own.

Revelation has inspired the most diverse interpretations of any New Testament book. The work is rich with symbolic imagery, such as dragons with multiple heads. For some, Revelation is about more than just the end of the natural world. Instead, it was God revealing the persecuted Christians of its day and all Christians throughout the historical tradition.

The word “revelation” is derived from the Greek word apokalupsis, which means “a disclosure” or “an unveiling.” It is intended to reveal something that was previously hidden.

What Is The Meaning Of Revelation In The Bible?

The definition of the word “revelation” is simply the revealing of something or someone. This is done so that previously concealed information can be made public. Essentially, it’s the same as pulling back a curtain or opening the door to see what is beyond.

Every year in the fall, automakers unveil their upcoming models, revealing what was once concealed for the first time to the public. The biblical meaning of supernatural revelation aligns quite well with its secular definition: making something known or seen for the first time.

Revelation consists and provides a complete picture in Scripture of what will happen during the Tribulation[1] by detailing the intricacies of the terrible times to come. Those who remained on Earth just after Rapture would be severely punished for their unbelief during the Tribulation.

A total of twenty-one occurrences, including the opening of the seven seals, the sounding of seven trumpets, and the dispensation of seven bowls, make up John’s vision of this judgment. This monumental judgment on the sins of humanity demonstrates how seriously God takes sin, as those who are not washed clean by the blood of Christ will be held accountable.

Does Revelation Fall Into The Apocalyptic Literature?

Apocalyptic literature is the literary category that Revelation belongs to. Apocalyptic is defined in the dictionary as describing and prophesying the entire destruction of the world.  Because of this, many people think Revelation is about the world’s final days. But in the Bible, the term apocalyptic means something completely different.

The Book of Revelation begins with the words, “The revelation by Jesus Christ,” to whom God revealed and bestowed the power to warn his servants of what would shortly take place. The Greek word apokalypsis, translated as revelation, is used here. The word “disclosure” means “revelation,” “what is revealed,” and “to make the knowledge known,” all of which imply a level of understandability. 

This word occurs elsewhere in the Bible and is usually translated as “revealed” when it does. Jesus Christ uttered the words “I worship you, Father, Lord, over heaven and earth for having hidden such things from the smart and educated and revealed them to young children,” as recorded in Matthew 11:27.

Thus, John and his readers are given a glimpse of what would typically be veiled by the book of Revelation’s visions. It’s like getting a bird’s-eye view of everything from above. Symbolism, as well as Old Testament allusions, abound in these visions. Moreover, they can be difficult for a contemporary reader to understand. Nonetheless, one can better grasp the book’s message by those familiar with the original context in which it was written.

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What Is The Purpose Of Revelation?

Revelation’s mission statement is found in the opening sentence. To show his slaves what must happen, as the revelation puts it. The goal was to take a peek further into the future. To be fair, our timelines don’t always line up with God’s, but people seem to assume that whatever is revealed will pass in their lifetimes.

A description of said future end of the world wouldn’t be particularly helpful given the state of all the seven churches, as mentioned in chapters two as well as three. These churches are either persecuted for their commitment to Christ or are on the verge of compromising their beliefs to avoid persecution. They required encouragement that would help them stay true to their beliefs and not give in to peer pressure to conform. 

As a result, Revelation helps them in this regard. The scene then moves to the throne room in heaven after the individuals have delivered their messages. Ultimately, the true ruler of the kingdom is revealed. And it’s not the worship of Caesar and the Roman Empire.

God, not the seven angels, sits atop the true throne. Jesus Christ is presented to the world as the slaying lamb, the king of the Jews, and the lion of the tribe of Judah. They worship him as Lord.

Furthermore, he was given the right to rule. As the visions progress, we see a battle between Satan and his followers (represented by the dragon) and those who serve the Lamb. Like the physical persecution, these church fathers faced, this fight has a spiritual development and counterpart. According to Revelation, the Lamb ultimately triumphs over the Dragon. 

Those who remain faithful to the Lamb would be rewarded with the new earth. There would be two outcomes from this communication. The faithful believers who were suffering would be encouraged to keep fighting. This effort would be well-spent. There was no doubt that they would receive their just reward. Those who compromised, or were tempted to, were in a very precarious position.

They were taking a stand against the Lamb by joining an imperial cult or one of the various cults of that day. Those who rejected the Lamb’s teachings would have a miserable existence. The one had hope for a future with a restored universe and a place within New Jerusalem.

What awaits the other is judgment and eternal torment in the River of Fire. The Christian message is meant to inspire the former while prompting the latter to pause, reflect, and do a U-turn toward loyalty.

What Is Revelation’s Message For Believers Today?

Christians think those who utilize the book of Revelation to plot out the End Of times are missing the point of such an inspired text. “Blessed is anyone who reads aloud the writings of this promise, and blessed are the ones who hear and keep what is written inside it, so because time is close,” Jesus Christ says in Revelation 1:3. Prophecy is defined in the Bible as a word from God. This is occasionally related to the future.

However, this is rarely the case, as the focus is usually on current events. That’s why we can still apply Jesus Christ’s words from the first century to the seven churches: Don’t give up when you encounter resistance to the gospel. Respect the culture, but don’t bend to it. Our civilization, Babylon, will ultimately be annihilated. Leave her and become the special people God has called you to be found in Revelation 18:4.

Those who will take responsibility for the revitalized world. General and specific divine revelation are the two ways God revealed himself known to humanity. You cannot help but glance around and think; There’s gotta be a designer here because, as the Scriptures say, the heavens announce the glory of God. Someone higher up must exist.

For example, this is how people from unreached tribes might hear the Gospel and put their confidence in Jesus. It’s as though they take stock of their surroundings and decide; There must be something here. For Jesus to be revealed in the Scriptures through a person’s instruction in the Scriptures and the Gospel is a unique and divine revelation.

Moreover, God makes use of both. Jesus employs general revelation to arouse in man the sense that there must be more to life than this. When he does, God reveals and leads him to a missionary, a pastor, a gospel video, or even a website that provides commentary and analysis of the Bible. What’s more, the book of Romans asks, How shall people hear without needing a preacher?  

We can’t just assume that whatever they perceive in the wild is enough. We have an obligation to spread that information far and wide. God, however, has a purpose for both. And no guy will be without an explanation when all is said and done.

You can counter with, “But what about all the heathens in those other countries?” The revelation of God, nature, and the universe should have aroused their hearts. God would have led them toward a place they could hear the truth if they were genuinely seeking it.

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Judgment typically comes to mind when discussing the Book of Revelation. There’s no doubt that there is a lot of condemnation and wishful thinking in the book. Judgment is not the final event in Revelation. Instead, it serves as a beautiful bookend to the Bible, which both begins and ends in the Garden of Eden. 

Revelation is a message of hope for Christians, more than a book of judgment against the wicked. As envisioned in Revelation, he will someday eradicate all suffering, crying, and death. The Book of Revelation assures us that it’s a future beyond the short-lived difficulties of the present. One day, darkness will end, and we’ll live in eternal light through God and the Holy Spirit.

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