Understanding What It Means To Be A Genuine Servant Of God

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The term “servant of God” has been used in the Bible to refer to those whom God has chosen for a special purpose. Through their faithfulness, these servants carry out the will of God and bear witness to his power and love.

In the Old Testament, Abraham is referred to as a “servant” several times, as are other important figures such as Moses, Joshua, David, and Solomon. The New Testament also contains numerous examples of people being referred to as servants of God; among them were Peter and Paul. But what does it mean to be a servant of God today?

Key Takeaways

  • Serving God entails a life of humility, obedience, and love, mirroring the attitudes and actions of Biblical figures like Moses and Jesus.
  • The essence of being God’s servant involves embodying virtues such as humility, faithfulness, and compassion, ultimately leading a life dedicated to serving and glorifying God.
  • God’s servants are marked by their dedication to service, their commitment to living out God’s will, and their active engagement in spreading love, wisdom, and gratitude in their communities.

Who Is The Servant Of God In The Bible?

The term “servant of God” is used throughout the Bible to refer to individuals who serve God’s purposes. In the Old Testament, the word “servant” has several meanings, including both literal and spiritual service.

The most common use of the word refers to those who serve as prophets or spokespersons for God’s will. These people are usually obedient to His commands and carry out tasks according to His will. One of the best-known examples of a servant in the Old Testament is Moses[1], who led Israel out of Egypt and received God’s Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.

Other servants of God include David, Solomon, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel. Some were kings, others were priests, and some were prophets. They all shared one common trait: they were faithful to God and sought to do His will. In the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as the Servant of God several times. God sent him to save humanity through His death on the cross, and He was obedient throughout His life on earth.

Jesus in the human form fulfilled many Old Testament prophecies, such as the suffering servant in Isaiah 53, who would be persecuted unjustly but ultimately bring hope and peace to humanity. Through His perfect obedience and sacrificial death, Jesus opened up a way of salvation for all who believe in Him.

What Does It Mean To Be A Servant Of God?

Being a servant of God is an invitation to live life to its fullest. It is the chance to know the joy and peace that come from dedicating one’s life to serving Him. The Bible tells us that being a servant of God means surrendering to His will and choosing to follow Him, no matter our circumstances.

As servants of God, we are called upon to dedicate our lives as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to Him (Romans 12:1). We must seek out His will for our lives, pursue holiness, and strive for righteousness so that we can please Him in all things (Hebrews 11:6). We are also called upon to act humbly before God and those around us.

Humility is an essential trait for being a perfect servant of God because it means that we are willing to submit ourselves to His will and obey His commands (1 Peter 5:5). We should remember that serving the Lord requires us to deny our desires and instead strive for holiness in all aspects of life, including our relationships with other people (Galatians 5:22–25).

God’s Word also tells us that as servants of God, we are called upon to be generous and compassionate towards others. We must be willing to share the blessings He has given us with those around us (2 Corinthians 9:7) and work together as one body in Christ, loving each other regardless of differences or disagreements (Romans 12:10).

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5 Marks Of A Godly Servant


Humility is a key component of being a godly servant. Humility involves having an attitude of submission and respect towards others, both in our words and actions. It means we acknowledge that there are people above us who have authority over us but also recognize the importance of looking out for those below us who may need our help.

A humble person puts aside their own pride to be willing to listen to instructions and even apologize when it’s needed. Through humility, a godly servant can learn from mistakes while maintaining an attitude of servitude towards God and others.


Obedience is another essential attribute for any Christian servant. Obedience involves following instructions with precision and accuracy while also considering how we can best serve those to whom we are obedient.

Godly servants must strive to obey both the laws of man and the commandments of God to live a life that is pleasing to Him. A godly servant should recognize his own limitations and trust that God and the Holy Spirit will give him the strength to carry out His will.

Love For Others

God has commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves. As Christian servants, we need to show love for others through our actions, whether by helping someone in need or showing kindness in small ways each day. We should be willing to put aside personal desires or inconveniences to follow Jesus’ example of selfless love and service. We can glorify God as a godly servant through our love for others.

Selfless Service

Another significant mark of a godly servant is selfless service. Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant” (Matthew 20:26). Selfless service means that we put aside our own pride and desires to serve those around us without expecting anything in return.

We should strive to do what we can—no matter how small—to show God’s love through our actions. A godly servant should be willing to humble himself and serve others out of obedience and love for Christ.


The final mark of God’s servants is trustworthiness. We should strive to be honest and truthful in all aspects of our lives, especially in how we serve others. God has called us to be trustworthy in our words and actions so that those we serve can rely on us. When we are honest and trustworthy, it shows that we really care about the people we’re serving and understand the importance of being faithful to God.

8 Amazing Characteristics Of A Servant Of God

  1. Humility: A servant of God has a humble attitude, both toward their Lord and their fellow humans; they are always ready and willing to serve others with the same humility they show towards the Almighty.
  2. Faithfulness: A true servant of God will remain loyal and unwavering in their faith, despite any challenges they face or opposition they encounter. They will be steadfast in their commitment to obey His commands and live out His teachings.
  3. Compassion: A servant of God should always be driven by compassion for those around them and seek to help without expecting anything in return. They have an understanding heart full of mercy and kindness, which they express through generous acts of service and charity.
  4. Love: A servant of God will love unconditionally and without judgment, with a heart that is open to giving and receiving genuine affection from others.
  5. Forgiveness: A faithful servant of God will seek to forgive rather than hold a grudge against those who have hurt them or have wronged them in some way. They understand that each person has their own journey and are willing to help guide people towards redemption.
  6. Generosity: A servant of God is generous in spirit, always prepared to sacrifice their time or resources for the good of others without expecting anything in return; this includes giving up material possessions when necessary.
  7. Wisdom: A servant of God has a deep understanding of the world and people around them, drawing on their knowledge to make wise decisions and provide thoughtful advice in times of need.
  8. Gratitude: A servant of God will always be thankful for what they have and strive to express that gratitude through acts of kindness and service. They recognize that these blessings were bestowed upon them solely by the grace of their Lord, and they are careful not to take them for granted.

5 Bible Verses About The Servants Of God

1. “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money” (Matthew 6:24).

2. “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9).

3. “So Jesus answered them, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin'” (John 8:34).

4. “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10).

5. “And he said to them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest'” (Luke 10:2).

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Being a servant of God is a privilege that must be taken seriously. We are called to humble ourselves before Him and others, obey His commands, love our neighbor, serve selflessly, and seek to be trustworthy in all things.

Through these marks of godly servanthood, we can bring honor and glory to our Lord as we continue down the path toward eternal life. We will be able to experience true joy and peace as God’s servants if we believe in Jesus Christ and follow His teachings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean To Be A Servant Of God?

Being a servant of God means dedicating one’s life to following and fulfilling God’s will, living a life marked by humility, obedience, and a deep commitment to serving others in love and faith.

Who Is A True Servant Of God?

A true servant of God is someone who consistently exhibits characteristics like humility, faithfulness, compassion, and love, prioritizing the service of God and others over personal desires and demonstrating a steadfast commitment to God’s commandments and teachings.

Who Was Called God’s Servant?

Several biblical figures were called God’s servant, including notable individuals like Moses, who led the Israelites out of Egypt, and Jesus Christ, who is referred to as the Servant of God in the New Testament and is recognized for his sacrificial death and resurrection, offering salvation to humanity.

What Does The Bible Say About The Servant Of God?

The Bible emphasizes that a servant of God should live a life of humility, obedience, and love, serving God wholeheartedly and others selflessly, as seen in the lives of various prophets, kings, and leaders like Moses, David, and Jesus, who fulfilled God’s will and exemplified godly service.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Servant Of God?

Characteristics of a servant of God include humility, obedience, love for others, selfless service, and trustworthiness, reflecting a life dedicated to serving God and others with a genuine heart, guided by the principles and teachings of the Bible.

Why Is It Important To Be A Servant Of God?

It is important to be a servant of God because it aligns one’s life with God’s purpose, brings true joy and peace through serving others, and contributes to the fulfillment of God’s will on earth, ultimately leading to a meaningful and spiritually enriched life.

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