How Stepping Out In Faith Can Be Life-Changing

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There are moments when God pulls us into situations where we must rely on the Holy Spirit and step out in faith. Is he nudging you toward a career change? Separating from an abusive partner is another option.

Are you going to trust God, adjust your habits and outlook to align with what you pray for, and follow his guidance no matter what? It’s not simple, but with the Heavenly Father[1] as our guide, we can take courageous leaps of faith that will lead us further into his presence and live by his plans for each new day.

What Does It Mean To Step Out In Faith?

The very essence of stepping out in faith entails taking a chance into the unknown. Believing that, against the odds, you will be carried safely through life’s complex challenges by a power larger than yourself.

It’s the conviction that your choices and efforts make a difference and may lead to desirable results. It’s sleeping soundly at night, secure in the knowledge that if you take a chance, you could just reap enormous benefits.

To take a leap of faith calls for more than just relying on one’s own resources. Trusting God and his plans will become essential. God possesses the power to accomplish the extraordinary, which only his divine might can achieve. In essence, surrendering to him and believing he has all the answers are key.

Faith requires ignoring one’s fears and facing one’s concerns head-on. Challenging authority and stretching the limits demands courage, yet faith propels us onward with a hopeful spirit, even when the road ahead remains shrouded in uncertainty.

There needs to be strong hope and a willingness to keep moving forward, even if there is no obvious way out. Although it might be challenging, stepping out in faith can also lead to tremendous development, contentment, and joy.

What Does The Bible Say About Stepping Out In Faith?

The Bible weaves a tapestry of illustrations and verses celebrating the transformative potency of embarking on a daring leap of faith. Certainly, placing trust in something greater than ourselves may pose a formidable challenge, yet its rewards shine brilliantly through the footsteps of Abraham’s journey to the Promised Land and the profound teachings of obedience imparted by Jesus.

It is said in Hebrews 11:1 that “faith is the basis for things hoped for and the proof of things unseen.” In other words, to have genuine faith means to have confidence in something despite your lack of knowledge or proof.

As it is said in Matthew 19:26, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Even when the outcome remains veiled in obscurity, we must nurture faith and entrust ourselves to the intricate design of a greater force, a cosmic weaver crafting a masterful tapestry beyond our ken.

Finally, Proverbs 3:6 tells us to “submit to him in all your ways,” meaning that we should choose to act out of trust rather than fear if we want to have a successful and happy journey. Even when it would be easier to stay there and do nothing, stepping out in faith demands that we be courageous and daring.

Taking a chance on anything new might be nerve-wracking at first, but the payoff is usually worth the risk, and you may even discover greater confidence and contentment along the way.

Why Stepping Out In Faith Is Important?

A Christian’s faith is essential because God cannot be appeased apart from it (Hebrews 11:6). It is foundational to every facet of our relationship with God, from organized religion to personal morality. It provides a prism through which we may see God’s plan for the world and people more clearly.

At its core, faith is akin to placing unwavering trust in the invisible, whether it be the existence of God or the realization of his sacred pledges. Faith is trusting God despite imperfect evidence.

We have trust because we have seen God’s faithfulness in our lives and because he is the only one who can guarantee our future. It is hard to love anything beyond ourselves and our limited senses on Earth if we do not have confidence in the unseen.

Even in the midst of chaos, faith may provide comfort in knowing that there is a power larger than ourselves to which we might aspire. Having faith in this force frees us to have courage in facing the challenges life’s path awaits us, because we know that in the end, good will triumph.

Faith not only improves our understanding of the broad picture but also permits us to remain at peace in the face of adversity, allowing happiness to triumph even in the midst of hard times.

Therefore, don’t let emotions of guilt, humiliation, brokenness, fear, uncertainty, or remorse over your past failures prevent you from helping others as God directs you to do.

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3 Ways To Know If God Is Calling You To Step Out In Faith

God calls us to step out throughout our lives. It only demands that our hearts be open, yet too frequently these chances slip through our fingers as a result of our reluctance to take initiative or let the divine operate through us. From studying the Bible about people who followed God to developing an effective prayer life, here are three ways to know if God is nudging you to step out in faith:

1. You Don’t Have An Idea About God’s Whole Plan

Perhaps God is calling you to take a leap of faith, but you’re not sure how it will turn out. You could be saying “no” or searching the meaning of “stepping out in faith” on Google because you doubt it’s possible.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in the shadow of uncertainty, and it’s within this enigmatic realm that the art of taking a leap of faith truly flourishes. The capacity to place our trust and dependence on the divine would be profoundly stifled if we held the entirety of the answers in our hands from the very outset.

Embarking on a daring leap of faith can set our hearts aflutter with anxiety. It’s innate in human nature to place our trust in the solid, in the certainties of life.

Yet, in this bold endeavor, we must pivot away from our natural inclinations toward control, realizing that if, in truth, God has woven a majestic tapestry in which we have a part, our selection is not merely a result of our own worthiness. Instead, it’s a divine touch guiding our course, beckoning us to embrace the ethereal dance of faith.

2. It’s Incomprehensible To The Human Mind

It may appear as a perplexing puzzle to both ourselves and those in our orbit when we take a grand leap of faith. Those who hold genuine concern for our welfare will often, almost invariably, attempt to dissuade us from venturing into uncharted spiritual terrain.

There’s a reason God entrusted us with the gift of companionship. Ultimately, your path may remain an enigma to all but yourself if you’ve delved deep into prayer and maintained unwavering faith in what you believe God has ordained.

To put it plainly, it’s not designed to adhere to conventional logic. While the human inclination is to yearn to see what lies ahead, it’s within each incremental step of your journey that genuine growth unfolds.

3. It’s A Chance To Witness God Doing The Seemingly Impossible

The reason taking a leap of faith does not make sense to us or other people is that if everything made sense, we would never get to witness God doing the impossible.

We shall examine Biblical accounts of people who took risks on faith against the odds later on. But if everything went according to plan, we’d have no stories to share. Stories that appear far-fetched to be believed can nevertheless be a powerful witness for Christ if they are shared with the right people.

The Christian life isn’t always a bed of roses, but when we take a leap of faith, we may be assured that God will use it for His glory and our welfare.

Stepping Out In Faith Scriptures

Many Bible verses encourage us to step out in faith. Whether taking a stand for our convictions or helping those in need, faith is the driving force behind all we do.

We walk by faith, not by sight.

— 2 Corinthians 5:7

It is by grace and through faith that you are saved. But this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.

— Ephesians 2:8–9

It is impossible to please him without faith, for he who comes to God must believe that he is a rewarder for those who earnestly seek him.

— Hebrews 11:6

Give all your trust unto the Lord, and lean not unto your own understanding.

— Proverbs 3:5–6

For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, the just shall live by faith.

— Romans 1:17

So, then faith comes by hearing, and we come by hearing through the word of God.

— Romans 10:17

In your hearts, hold Christ in high reverence as your Lord God. Continually equip yourselves to provide an explanation to anyone who seeks to understand the basis for the hope you possess.

— 1 Peter 3:15

Should We Be Stepping Out In Faith?

The Bible abounds with tales of individuals boldly stepping into divine favor and witnessing the sweet fruits of their endeavors. However, it’s equally apparent that even in our acts of unwavering trust, God’s response doesn’t always align with our desires.

Before doing anything else, think about the request at hand. Is it in direct opposition to God’s will? In such cases, it’s likely an endeavor best left untouched. However, there exist certain missions purposefully designed to coax us from the cozy confines of our comfort zones.

Determining if it goes against the Lord’s will versus his way of challenging us is the key to knowing if we should indeed step out in faith.

You should give it some serious thought and thoughtful consideration. When the Lord summons you, you must answer without hesitation. Trust that God will lead you to the best choice if you pray for wisdom and guidance.

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God doesn’t ask us to choose the easy road. At certain junctures, he beckons us to venture beyond the cozy confines of our comfort zone, urging us to place our unwavering trust in his hands. God’s aim is to instill in us the profound art of reliance and faith, nurturing the growth and deepening of our spiritual resolve.

Give God everything you believe is stopping you from stepping out in faith. Seek God’s plan for your life. Trust God’s word over your own thoughts. Give up the things that God has called you to give up, and pick up your cross. Through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we must lay down everything in order to get everything.

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