Study To Show Thyself Approved Unto God: Importance Of Studying The Word Of Truth

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Every devout Christian needs to focus particularly on the word of truth, or as the King James Version has it, properly sharing the word of truth, to become that dedicated and approved servant of God. It is necessary to spend a lot of time studying, thinking about, and praying in order to handle the Scripture and the message of truth perfectly. It will entail approaching the wisdom of the Bible with an unbiased view, an honest heart, and a committed life.

Considering the differences written between the New and Old Covenants and comprehending that the New Covenant[1] is the source of Christian belief and teachings today is essential in excellent handling of it. So how do you “study to show thyself approved unto God”?

Key Takeaways

  • Believers must dedicate significant time to studying, reflecting on, and praying over Scriptures. An unbiased approach, honesty, and dedication are essential for understanding the Bible’s wisdom and securing God’s approval.
  • Christians, particularly ministers, must interpret and apply the Bible’s teachings accurately. Being diligent and striving to present oneself as approved by God, as interpreted in various biblical versions, is vital for teaching and living in alignment with divine standards.
  • Bible study isn’t just academic but a spiritual discipline that illuminates the believer’s journey, preventing spiritual missteps and leading to a prosperous life under God’s will. Diligent study, as a response to divine grace, allows believers to lead lives that showcase their approval by Jesus Christ, enhancing their spiritual maturity and influence.

What Does “Study To Show Thyself Approved Unto God” Mean?

The House to House article provides a clear justification for the varying translations of this phrase, stating: “The rendering, study to show thyself approved unto God is found only in the King James Version, translated in the year 1611. In 1611, the word study meant strive or be diligent…”

Along with that, it further states, “…Thus the New American Standard Bible renders the verse, Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth or God’s word. The New International Version renders the verse, Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

Hence, we should analyze these Scriptural passages deeply to reflect more than just reading these “Teachings of God,” which is necessary for all devout Christians. The complete task that church preachers must carry out in providing for their congregations is what the apostle Paul intended by this expression. Christianity’s ministers are charged with the duty of guiding people to the correct interpretation of Divine revelation.

Timothy, a preacher, was tasked with teaching his congregation of Christians about the atonement of Christ, the significance of worshiping Him, and the value of working hard to be God’s approved workers. We shall be able to stand before Lord guilt-free alongside Timothy if we actively apply all of our efforts to His service.

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What Does It Mean To Study?

Psalm 119:105 uplifts God, “Your word illuminates my path and serves as a lighting for my feet.” You and I reside in a terrible dark world. A flashlight should always be kept when we’re fumbling around in the darkness. If we’re not cautious enough, we can trip over rocks, branches, stumps, or other objects and suddenly fall.

Holy Scripture is a beacon of light to our journey when we grasp it. It explains the challenges to look out for and describes how to deal with them. As we learn, it lays out a direct roadmap for us.

In line with that, Joshua 1:8 also teaches what it means to study, “The book of the law should not leave your tongue, you shall meditate throughout morning and evening, so that you may observe what’s it pertaining to everything that is stated therein; because in so doing you shall make your path prosperous, and in so doing you shall have excellent success.” 

Sometimes we are unsure of God’s plan for our lives. Christians should spend more time studying God’s Word and contemplating thereon. Do some hearty reflection. Because we will prosper if we follow it.

What Does It Mean To Be Approved By God?

The truth correctly explains by those who have been approved by God. In Greek word, “rightly dividing” clearly translates as “cutting straight.” Ministers and priests are expected to be expert interpreters of the Holy Bible, searching the God-given revelation found in Scripture attentively and comprehensively, and without departing from or twisting its content in any sense (Proverbs 30:5–6; Deuteronomy 12:32; Revelation 22:18–19).

They construct a solid basis that will survive throughout the years by cutting straight lines (2 Timothy 2:19). The certified servant of God is similar to the Bereans, who “accepted the word with great zeal and investigated the Scriptures daily to discover whether what Paul stated was genuine” (Acts 17:11). Following his study, he tries to put God’s Word into practice in his own life.

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Why Is It Important To Study To Show Ourselves Approved By God?

We must demonstrate our approval since it is a reaction to our devotion to Jesus Christ. As John 15:8 expresses, “It is for the glory of my Father that you yield great fruit, demonstrating that you are my followers.” 

We have been rescued by grace through the full faith and not by our own efforts, according to Ephesians 2:8–9. It is not earned; it comes as a gift from God. Furthermore, it is the main cause of our ability to demonstrate our own approval of Jesus Christ. Since we are no longer bound by sin, we are free to strive to live a noble, honest, and honorable life that results in good deeds.

Many of us spend our entire lives trying to get our Heavenly Father’s approval, but we never stop to think about what it really means to win His approval and acceptance. Every Jesus disciple has the ability to please God.

What Happens If We Don’t Study?

  • We become a victim of temptation, which does not constitute a sin in itself, however, if we let it take up residence in our souls and hearts it may inflict damage on our relationships, circumstances, and our relationship with Jesus.
  • As we start to follow this world’s ways, we’ll become more prone to sin (Romans 12:2).
  • Through our carelessness, we could unintentionally misdirect others. Indeed, sin is still sin, but not all sins have the same repercussions, and this is among them (Matthew 18:6, Luke 12:47–48).

How Can We Study To Show Ourselves Approved?

Viewing spiritual disciplines as an essential part of our spiritual development is very vital. We can work to prove to ourselves that we are approved workers of God by doing the following things:

  1. Study the Holy Bible with intention. Keep a diary close at hand and record anything we discover about our Heavenly Father’s preferences, behaviors, and personality.
  2. Investigate and examine the teachings of God on our own. As Proverb 2:3–4 reveals, “…indeed, if you call out for insight, and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure…”
  3. Spend time and effort teaching the next generation the teachings of God like what Paul did.
  4. Consider making more efforts in the Christian group. Every believer, whether they are extroverted or introverted, is urged to live their lives alongside other Christians.
  5. Engage in daily prayer. While dedicating specific time to prayer is a good idea, we could also pray while doing short frequent prayers. By doing this, we can remain aware of opportunities to pray for individuals and circumstances and to rejoice when we witness God moving in response to our prayers.
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Closing Thoughts

All of God’s children ought to strive to become qualified servants of Him. Workmen of the Lord strive to live in accordance with God’s Word. They work hard to worship God and serve the church ministers while being conscientious in their work or mission.

In the end, a worker is a man of action rather than just a hearer of the message. Their role is to spread the Gospel to all they come in contact with. Workmen don’t try to earn their place in heaven; they just do their duties and purpose. They perform these deeds out of thankfulness and submission to God.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Study To Show Yourself Approved Unto God?

To study to show yourself approved unto God, you must dedicate significant time to understanding and contemplating the Scriptures, approach the Bible with an unbiased view, honesty, and a committed heart, and engage in prayerful reflection on its teachings.

What Does It Mean To Study To Be Approved By God?

To study to be approved by God means engaging in a diligent and devoted examination of the Scriptures to accurately interpret and apply God’s Word, thereby presenting oneself as a knowledgeable and faithful servant who rightly handles the truth.

What Does 2nd Timothy 2:15 Mean?

2nd Timothy 2:15 means that believers should strive or be diligent to present themselves to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, correctly handling the word of truth. It emphasizes the importance of accurately interpreting and living according to the Scriptures to gain God’s approval.

How Do You Present Yourself To God As One Approved?

You present yourself to God as one approved by diligently studying the Scriptures, accurately interpreting and applying God’s Word in your life, and living in a manner that reflects a deep understanding and commitment to the teachings of the Bible, thus demonstrating your devotion and faithfulness to God.

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