How Does Walking In The Favor Of God Transform Us?

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The scriptures tell us that if we are walking in the favor of God, we will experience His blessings and abundance. One way is by making sure you are doing everything possible to bless others. Being a blessing means being kind and considerate like Jesus Christ was when He walked on earth.

When you demonstrate kindness towards others, it does not matter whether they are rich or poor, educated or uneducated. If someone needs your help, you should offer it because it is Jesus Christ who helps those who cannot help themselves (Luke 19:10).

Key Takeaways

  • Walking in God’s favor involves blessing others, reflecting Jesus’ kindness, and aligning with divine will for abundance.
  • Seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit, meditating on Scripture, and living righteously are crucial for experiencing God’s favor.
  • Benefits of walking in God’s favor include discovering purpose, receiving provision, protection, and experiencing divine blessings and favor in various aspects of life.

What Does It Mean To Walk In The Favor Of God?

The phrase “walking in the favor of God” comes from the Bible. It says that Noah “found favor in the eyes of the LORD” (Genesis 6:8). Noah gained God’s favor by building an ark to protect the human race.

These words are used to describe the special relationship between God and a righteous man. It tells us that if we seek the divine favor of God, we will experience His blessings and abundance. Jesus Christ[1] is described in the New Testament as the one who brings us into His favor.

The Lord God and His Son—the king who saved the world—and the Holy Spirit work in unison. But the Holy Spirit is the one who guides us to God. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God,” wrote the Apostle Paul (Romans 8:14). This means that when we walk in God’s favor, it will guide us and assist us, and we will not lose sight of experiencing His divine favor and power.

An illustration that captures the profound experience of walking with God, portraying a traveler being guided by ethereal beings through celestial realm

What Does The Bible Say About Walking In The Favor Of God?

When we think of God’s favor, we often picture a person being blessed with material wealth and prosperity. While this is true, it is not the only way to experience God’s divine favor. In the Old Testament, Noah was a righteous man who followed God’s commands and obeyed His will. As a result, Noah found favor with God, who gave him abundance and wealth.

This is an excellent description of how we will receive all these things when we walk in the divine favor of God. However, walking with God is not as easy as it seems, for we as sinners do the people’s favor, specifically for ourselves. But with His presence, we could experience and imagine abiding by his impossible law and making it possible, as we are His children, and He will never leave us as long as we value our righteousness to Him as his children.

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How To Walk In The Favor Of God?

When we walk in His favor, we receive God’s grace, blessings, and benefits that are not just intended to help us in our own lives. These blessings, in turn, allow us to be a part of His kingdom by demonstrating how much He loves others. We can show others how much God loves them through our actions. This is why you should never give up on your faith in God.

Your expectations are more powerful than any negative thing that Satan can put before you. They will override the negative, no matter how often they manifest in your life. So expect God’s favor in your life and watch what it will do.

Remember that God’s favor lasts a lifetime, even until death. When you expect God’s favor, you are expecting good things from God. This means that the more you expect good things from Him, the more He will give them to you in a perfect and unexpected moment. There are some practical steps that we can take in walking in the favor of God:

  1. Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads us to God. We should always listen and seek guidance in our lives to never lose sight.
  2. Read and meditate on the Word of God. The Bible is God’s inspired Word, and it contains all the wisdom and guidance that we need to experience His favor. We must carefully read and meditate on the Word of God day and night.
  3. Pray. Prayer is a powerful way to commune with God and seek His will for our lives. We should be praying regularly in church or at home to seek God’s guidance. Prayer is the most important practice that we can engage in as Christians. Prayer is an expression of faith, hope, love, and thanksgiving for all that the Lord has done for us. Prayer also helps us when we are facing difficult situations or when we are in need of guidance. Prayer brings us closer to the Father, who wants to go with us through these tough times.
  4. Live a righteous life. God is a righteous God, and He expects us to live our lives in accordance with His will. We should be striving to live a life of holiness by obeying God and honoring Him until our time of death comes.
  5. Give thanks, praise, and serve Him. We should always be giving thanks and praising God as soon as we wake up every morning for His many blessings and for His love, grace, and mercy. We should praise and honor Him for who He is and all that He has done for us. We should always attend church masses to provide our service to the Lord, our God.
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7 Benefits Of Walking In The Favor Of God

1. Special Purpose

When we are expecting favors from God, He reveals His special purpose for our lives. This special purpose is an awesome desire and an example to seek His and our purposes.

2. Favor With Others

We can experience and find favor with other people. People will be drawn to us and will be more inclined to help us in our endeavors, for we influence them as examples of Christ’s likeness.

3. Protection From The Wicked

We can experience protection from the wicked. God will protect us with all His glory from harm and danger when we walk in His favor.

4. Provision

God will provide for all our needs in life, and that will make a big difference. The Lord gave His abundance and provision when we were in His favor.

5. Favor With God

We can experience favor with God Himself. We can experience His love, acceptance, and salvation when we are walking in God’s favor.

6. Special Blessings

God will bless you in special ways. You can experience His special blessings and glory that bring peace and a big difference in your life when you’re in His favor. Doors will be opened for you, which will be a big deal in your life.

7. Favor With The Jews

Your relationship with God is so real and intimate that He will give you His favor over anything that comes against you. Favor puts you in victory over your enemies. It will help you conquer and triumph over your foes. Because of divine favor, Queen Esther was able to foil a wicked conspiracy to kill all the Jews in the Persian Empire. She saw Haman, the king’s evil advisor, hanged on the same gallows built to murder her cousin, Mordecai.

We can experience the abundance of the Lord’s favor in our daily lives when we make the decision to be in His favor. When we put our trust and faith in Him, seek His guidance, and obey His commands, we can experience His favor and blessings. We can also experience His favor in our lives by reading, meditating, believing in His Word, praying, and living righteous life.

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The Psalmist said, “Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me; thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of my enemies, and thy right hand shall save me” (Psalm 138:7). We should never fear the future like David, who gave his trust to the Lord. This is a covenant and a gift, for whoever leaves sin and chooses to follow the Scripture will be granted His holy presence.

God’s favor is available to us today; all we have to do is make the decision to be in the Lord’s favor to experience the granted abundance of His favor and mercy in our lives, and only through Christ, who gave us joy and salvation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have the favor of God?

Having the favor of God means receiving divine blessings and guidance due to living in accordance with God’s will. It brings opportunities, success, and inner peace, reflecting a close relationship with the divine and adherence to spiritual principles.

What are examples of God’s favor?

Examples of God’s favor include unexpected opportunities, provision in times of need, strength during challenges, harmonious relationships, and inner peace. It also entails spiritual growth, clarity of purpose, and the ability to positively impact others through kindness and service, enriching one’s life journey.

What is the purpose of walking in God?

The purpose of walking in God is to align with divine principles, seeking guidance and strength while embodying qualities like love and integrity. It leads to personal growth, fulfillment, and a deeper connection to the divine.

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