Being A True Warrior Of God: What Does It Look Like Today?

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In today’s world, Christianity is seen as vulnerable rather than strong. Many people believe that religious people are weak, sensitive, and tolerant. Others have much harsher opinions of Christians.

Christians are called to be more than mere followers; they are called to be soldiers. In their daily lives, they must acquire the beliefs and mindset of a true warrior. If Christians adopted the warrior’s code of value and discipline, society would experience a significant transformation. The entire globe would experience a never-before-seen revival of power, leadership, selflessness, bravery, and love as a result of this change.

In order to do that, what qualities and characteristics do Christians need to have to be true warriors of God? What steps must they take as warriors? And how can they develop into that role?

Key Takeaways

  • Being a true warrior of God involves adopting a mindset of strength and discipline in a world that often views Christianity as weak and vulnerable. Christians should embody the qualities of a warrior, focusing on spiritual positioning and discernment rather than seeking out conflicts
  • Recognizing and engaging in the battles as a warrior of God requires listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Four requirements for being a warrior of God include living a pure existence, maintaining a strong mission, cultivating genuine gratitude toward God, and focusing on Jesus at all times.

What Does Being A Warrior Of God Mean?

“We are God’s soldiers.” This is a powerful and life-changing truth; however, to live with that role and responsibility, we must first comprehend what it entails to be a devoted warrior of God.

In line with this, the Bible says in Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers because they shall be called sons of God.” This particular Scripture is valid, but once we grasp what a fighter of God does, we recognize that these words do not negate that perspective.

Because a true warrior doesn’t go looking for battles to fight, they don’t engage in every dispute they come across. Rather, they pay attention to the divine Holy Spirit so they can know the right moment to fight. Their main focus is spiritual positioning.

As the Bible reads in 2 Chronicles 20:17, “’You won’t have to fight in this battle. Position yourself, remain still, and gaze upon the Lord your God, who is with you, O Jerusalem and Judah!’ Don’t be scared or worried; go out and fight them tomorrow, for the Lord is with you.”

a knight in complete armor, standing tall atop a rocky cliff, overlooking a vast, mist-covered valley below

What Are The Characteristics Of God’s Warrior?

Since every one of God’s warriors is created in His likeness, a warrior of God possesses many of God’s qualities and characteristics. There are behaviors and traits that God’s soldiers should exhibit:

  • The warriors of God have a life of prayer.
  • The warriors of God experience peace through God.
  • The warriors of God praise and worship.
  • The warriors of God have a union with Christ’s body[1].
  • The warriors of God build fellowship with other Christians.
  • They have a consistent relationship with the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).
  • They seek God’s guidance on what battles to fight and what to ignore.
  • The warriors of God stand for righteousness, truth, and justice.
  • God’s Word unceasingly strengthens God’s warriors’ faith.
  • The warriors of God have objectives that are kingdom-based.
  • The warriors of God have enlightened minds.
  • The warriors of God know in their hearts that they are God’s heirs.
  • They have complete protection from God.

Although the list is lengthy, it shouldn’t be intimidating to us. God does not select us because we are flawless. But rather, He chooses us all because He recognizes a certain quality in us. Indeed, we are all works in progress. We should try our best to have this set of qualities and behaviors to be rightful warriors of God.

The initial step is to follow God. The next step is developing a connection with Him. Since our character changes as our relationship with Him changes and our comprehension of who He is grows, we, little by little, start to act very much like Him whenever we spend some time with Him.

How To Know Your Battles As A Warrior Of God?

The secret to knowing your battles is to open your ears to the Holy Spirit. He is the one who instructs us on the fights we should engage in, the approaches we should take, and the necessary actions. Battles are spiritually motivated, including those that take place in the natural world.

We do not fight against flesh and blood. Thus, the things we use must be chosen carefully. As the Bible reveals in Ephesians 6:12, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” The wars we fight are frequently won on our hands in prayer.

Regardless, we must always keep in mind that the Lord is the one who is fighting the battle. First and foremost, we have to follow Him and understand His will. He must be responsible for choosing the conflicts we will engage in and the means we will utilize.

Indeed, the Almighty Father is our captain and our commander, and deciding to obey His instructions is the truest path to victory! God, after all, has a comprehensive perspective and the vision, knowledge, and maps necessary to guide us safely in any circumstance. 

a knight's armor, gleaming under the sunlight, reflecting the surrounding forest

4 Requirements For Being A Warrior Of God

1. Live A Pure Existence 

To be utilized by God, personal purification is always the first step. All the outstanding people God uses have battled with their sins in their prior lives before God and Jesus Christ.

On top of that, God using us as a vessel has nothing to do with our past, our place in society, or our capability level. God makes use of basic, bare, and even damaged vessels; however, He won’t use a filthy one. As the Word of God explained in 2 Timothy 2:21, “If you keep yourself pure, you will be a utensil God can use for his purpose. Your life will be clean, and you’ll be ready for the Master to use you for every good work.”

We should stand firm like all the saints who lived to acquire everlasting and eternal life with the Lord God in heaven. We must open our ears to the holy spiritual forces of God and not the evil ones.

2. Keep Godly Mission Strong

Recall the fundamentals. We were designed for God’s delight, fashioned for God’s family, made to resemble Christ, molded for service, and created with a purpose! These helpful insights are not merely applicable to leading a Catholic faith or teaching people. We were created by God for these purposes!

Likewise, Acts 13:36 says, “David fulfilled God’s purpose in his generation.” Let this be our inspiration to do our divine mission every day, no matter what it takes. This is the fight that’s truly worth fighting for.

3. Have Genuine Gratitude Toward God

God works with appreciative people. In addition, gratitude is a virtue that promotes ministry sustainability. Due to its beneficial effects on the body, doctors consider thankfulness to be the greatest of all emotions. If you don’t maintain your gratitude behavior, you’ll develop skepticism.

“Never lack zeal, but preserve your spiritual enthusiasm, serving the Lord,” as Paul remarked in Romans 12:11. We must continuously remind ourselves how much fun it is to worship Jesus. Never underestimate the wonders God performs through, in, and around us because His grace fully makes them possible.

4. Focus On Jesus At All Times

“Maintain your attention on Christ, who both started and finished this race we’re in. Learn from his way. He can keep putting up with almost anything—cross, shame, whatever along the way—because he never let go of his goal, and now he stands next to God on the throne of glory.”

God’s plan for your life and future is much bigger than your difficulties. When things get rough, don’t consider giving up. Approach Jesus. Have a meaningful talk with Him through prayer. Remain focused on Him!

What Does Being A Warrior Of God Look Like Today?

The disorder in our world that we are witnessing today will only get worse over time. People will be unwilling to listen to anything and will do things to satisfy their evil thoughts. They won’t yield to authority figures, parents, or anybody else. Therefore, if we’re going to defend biblical truth, we’d better be prepared to put up a fight.

A Soldier Of God Will Sacrifice Comforts

God promises in John 16:22, “You have suffered now, but when I see you again, your hearts will be filled with joy, and no one will be able to steal your happiness.” Jesus Christ is the source of our solace and calm, not by taking trips, having vacations, or doing otherworldly things. Although we can get stuck in the trap of striving to make our lives as pleasant as possible, that doesn’t indicate that all those things are wrong.

Consider all the individuals who decided to obey and follow God. Their journeys and lives were frequently far from comfortable. Jonah tried to flee after hearing that he needed to travel to Nineveh and encourage the people to turn from their terrible deeds. His life was immediately rendered uncomfortable by God. He was forced to go and perform the things he had resisted doing.

Moreover, Jesus instructs his followers in Matthew 16:24 that, to follow him, they must deny themselves, sacrifice themselves, and carry their cross. You must bow to the Father, the only living and authentic God, and be willing to endure suffering like Christ.

A Great Warrior Is Armed With All Of God’s Armor

As the Bible says (Ephesians 6:10–20), a good God-fearing warrior recognizes that certain battles are taking place on various levels. Many people believe that the fight is only about flesh and blood, but it goes far beyond that. Spiritual battles are also taking place. The only method for defeating these spiritual battles is with God’s armor.

  • Righteousness through the Almighty God
  • Truth and wisdom
  • Prayer
  • Peace through the Word of God
  • The Divine Holy Spirit

A True Warrior Of Jesus Is A Warrior Of God

As faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we must be prepared to understand the message and spread it to others. Even though some information may offend some people, we must tell the truth. We must urge others to continue pushing forward toward His kingdom while rebuking those who aren’t. But no matter how nice or caring we are, things may go wrong, leading to misunderstandings.

a chaotic battlefield scene with warriors in armors engaged in close combat

Final Thoughts

Christians must combat things that are contrary to God’s Word using the weapons He has provided. Without prayer, reading God’s word, and receiving the Holy Spirit, we cannot engage in a spiritual battle. When we battle in these fights, we must have Jesus by our side at all times.

As Psalm 20:7 proclaims, “Some find their strength in their weapons and wisdom, but my miracle deliverance can never be won by men. Our boast is in the Lord our God, who makes us strong and gives us victory!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Spiritual Warrior Of God?

A spiritual warrior of God is someone who engages in spiritual battles, relying on divine guidance and strength to overcome challenges and uphold righteousness.

What Does The Bible Say About Being A Warrior For God?

What the Bible says about being a warrior for God are the qualities such as faith, courage, righteousness, and reliance on divine guidance in battling spiritual forces.

Who Were God’s Warriors In The Bible?

God’s warriors in the Bible include figures like Joshua, David, Deborah, and Gideon, who demonstrated courage, faith, and obedience in fighting for God’s purposes.

What Are The Characteristics Of Warriors Of God?

The characteristics of warriors of God include a life of prayer, seeking guidance from God, standing for righteousness, having kingdom-based objectives, and being armed with spiritual armor to combat spiritual battles.

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