What Does God Say About Anxiety: How To Battle With It

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Each person will face situations in life that make them uneasy or fearful. Given that 40 million Americans (approximately 18% of the population) endure chronic anxiety and panic attacks in a year, many believers may suffer from crushing anxiety.

Knowingly, the Bible says a lot about anxiety, but the term itself isn’t used very often. It appears eight times in the English Standard Version, while it is mentioned seven times in the New International Version. On top of that, the word is not used at all in the King James Version. In its absence, synonyms such as worry, distress, heaviness, care, and trouble are utilized.

So, what does the Bible say about anxiety? Who experienced anxiety in the Bible? What does God say about anxiety and its causes? And how should man battle anxiety based on the Word of God?

What Does The Bible Say About Anxiety?

When David cries out to the Lord in agony, he accepts God’s strength toward the closing of the psalm (Psalm 13:5). This could imply that we, as Christians, should trust the Lord even when troubled feelings, anxiety, and fears compel us to feel the other way. Aside from how scriptural instances deal with worries and fears, we might seek direction from the following Bible verses about anxiety for guidance.

In the passage 1 Peter 5:7, Peter instructs believers to lay the anxiety they’re experiencing on the Lord, since He is concerned for us. Giving our anxiety to the Heavenly Father may imply trusting Him and his will.

In line with that, Jesus promises us in Matthew 11:28 that if we bring our heavy loads to Him, He will provide us with rest. This Bible passage is parallel to the preceding verse; this appears to imply that Christians should turn to the Lord with whatever causes them anxiety, and He will replace their burdens with peace.

Moreover, in Matthew 6:25–26, Jesus appears to be indicating that Christians should not be concerned about what they will wear, consume, or drink. The passage describes how the Lord protects the animals of the sky. If the Heavenly Father feeds and cares for them, and men are more valuable than birds, just how much more would He respond to His children’s needs?

People Who Experienced Anxiety In The Bible

  • Abraham had major anxiety about how God would prosper all races through his clan and committed several mistakes, yet he persevered and eventually became the patriarch of the faithful and righteous.
  • Moses was terrified of revealing the whole truth to the great Pharaoh, but he reasoned it out with the Father in heaven and helped lead his men free from slavery.
  • Esther had anxious thoughts about appearing before the ruler, but she prayed, fasted, and eventually saved her people from annihilation based on the Holy Bible.
  • The night prior to Jesus’ execution, He began to weep and sweat, but Christ took his feelings to the Creator through prayer, fully knowing that he would conquer death’s power for the entire world.
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Does God Care About Our Anxieties?

Yes, God is concerned about our worries and anxious thoughts. Examine Psalm 139:23 carefully; the entire Psalm honors the Creator for his deep understanding of the author’s entire being, from his conception inside his mother’s womb through any place he wanders on the entire earth. The truth is that there is a wonderful God who adores and loves us, desires to provide for us, wishes to reassure us, and wants us to find peace in Him.

What Does God Say About Anxiety?

The most well-known passage about anxiety is from Matthew’s sermon on the mount. Our Heavenly Father advises us not to be concerned with worldly problems. On top of that, God asked in Matthew 6:27, “And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?”

Citing instances from divine creation, Christ demonstrates that our Father in heaven is aware of and concerned about our necessities, even our next meal, and food. If God cares for basic things such as trees, plants, and birds, shouldn’t He also look after individuals made in His likeness?

Indeed, we have enough trouble of our own to worry about the things over which we have no control, so we must “first pursue the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness, then all of the other stuff will be supplied to you” (verse 33).

What Does God Say About The Causes Of Anxiety?

Worry And Fear

Fear is specifically mentioned several times in the Holy Bible. It claims that God has a purpose constantly, and those who sincerely believe that whatever happens is according to God’s plan should not feel anxious, especially when they are not in peril.

Fear is a normal human emotion[1], but people who experience anxiety when there is no fear are probably struggling to have faith in God’s divine plan or faith in their final destiny. As God promised in Isaiah 41:10, “Do not be afraid; I am with you.”  

Inevitable Change

Anxious thoughts can be triggered by major life changes, most likely as a result of a lack of comfort and support in our daily lives. A move, the loss of a loved one, or even the loss of a dog or interest can all be unpleasant or troublesome events. Remember that all change is a component of God’s plan (Jeremiah 29:11–12), thus every change should be welcomed and bring minimal anxiety.

Loss Of Control

“A man cannot learn anything about his future,” Ecclesiastes 7:14 says. Toxic jobs, bad relationships, abuse, or just life events not going as planned are all situations that can make us feel anxious and out of control. The Bible passage, however, teaches us that we do not have complete control and power. God is in charge.

As Psalm 55:22 promises, “Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.” Indeed, God loves us. He doesn’t want to fill our minds with worries and said to “cast all your anxiety to me.”

What Does The Bible Say About Curing Anxiety?

Anxiety or concern is frequently the outcome of sin or mistakes, and the solution is to reconcile with the sin. According to what the Bible says about anxiety, the individual whose sin is pardoned is fortunate, and the heavy burden of guilt is lifted when transgressions are confessed and acknowledged (Psalm 32:1–5).

Is a failed relationship causing us stress? Make an effort to achieve tranquility (2 Corinthians 13:11). Are anxiety and fear caused by apprehension about the unknown? Turn the matter over to our Father who is in heaven, who sees all and is in complete charge (Psalm 68:20). Are we experiencing anxiety as a result of stressful situations? Pray and believe in God. Through prayer, we should ask that all these things will work out in the hope of our uncertain future.

In the New Testament, Jesus reprimanded the disciples’ lack of confidence before rebuking the storm and the waves when they were distressed during a storm (Matthew 8:23–27). We have nothing to worry about as long as we’re with Christ. Also, Jesus tells us that we should help other believers and give the right response to them when they’re feeling anxious.

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In accordance with what the Bible says about anxiety, the more time we spend talking to God and giving Him our entire hearts, the less anxious we will feel in the end. Anxiety is a natural human emotion defined by concerns, worries, and fears, as well as the sense that you are inadequate to deal with everything surrounding you.

The Bible depicts belief in God as full trust and faith in Him—bringing ourselves into God’s love and committing ourselves to His will is the route to a fear-free and satisfied life. When we have complete faith in ourselves and God, we’ll have confidence that we’ll be able to overcome whatever endeavor comes into our life.

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