When Is God Coming And How Can We Prepare Ourselves For It?

We anticipate the second coming of our Lord God. We should continuously watch and wait for His personal, visible, and spectacular return from heaven, which is our great hope. The redeemed souls and spirits of individuals who have died in Christ will be joined with a body that resembles Christ’s glorious body in this resurrection.

Christians who are alive at the time of this catastrophe will not perish; instead, they will be transformed into Christlikeness. This anticipation serves as both a source of consolation and an incentive for leading a holy life. No individual is aware of the exact day or time this will occur.

When Is God Coming Back?

The glorious hope of the church and the pinnacle of the gospel is that Jesus is coming back[1]. The return of the Savior will be genuine, intimate, palpable, and universal. The righteous dead will be raised from the grave and transported to heaven with the righteous alive at His second coming, but the unrighteous will perish.

Given the state of the world today and the nearly complete fulfillment of most prophecies, it seems clear that Christ’s return is close at hand. We are constantly urged to be prepared because the exact timing of that event has not been announced.

Soon will be the second coming of God. Jesus actually told His followers that He would return. John 14:1–3 says, “Do not let your heart be worried; for there are many mansions in My Father’s house; for if it were not so, I would have informed you. I am leaving to get ready for you. And if I go ahead and make a place for you, I will return and receive you into Myself so that you can join me where I am.”

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Is It Possible To Know When Is God Coming Back?

Jesus is going to return shortly. However, nobody is certain of the precise moment of Jesus’ second coming. Mark 13:32 says, “No one, not even the heavenly angels or the Son, but only the Father, is aware of that day or hour.”

It is interesting to note that Jesus’ disciples posed the same query to Him immediately before He went up into heaven. Jesus warned them at the time that they were not to understand the times or seasons under the Father’s control. Jesus could therefore return tomorrow, next month, next year, or in a thousand years.

What does this entail for you and me, then? Be prepared for Jesus Christ’s second coming at all times. Watch and concentrate on Jesus because the devil wants to divert people’s attention away from His return’s prophecies and imminence.

Jesus will return to earth to reward people and to take many people with Him to the Kingdom of God (Revelation 22:12). The Bible also says in Matthew 25:34, “The King will then address those seated at His right hand and instruct them to come and receive the blessings of His Father and to inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the whole world.”

More than anything else, Jesus loves to connect with us. He extends an invitation for us to go back to heaven with Him and experience an eternity free from sorrow, suffering, and agony. He wants us to experience His eternal love.

1 Corinthians 15:52–53 says, “At the sound of the last and final trumpet, in a moment and the blink of an eye. Because of the trumpet’s sound and the incorruptible dead’s resurrection, we shall be transformed. For this mortal must become immortality, and this corruptible must acquire incorruptibly.”

Signs Of The Second Coming

Jesus cautioned against lies in the last days. In fact, in Matthew 24:4–5, Jesus warns followers to be wary of a false prophet who comes in the name of Jesus and declares themselves to be Christ. As a result, the Bible is the only source we can trust and not those false prophets that come to us. We use both the Old Testament and the New Testament as our guide.

Even though they may seem overwhelming, wars will continue to exist, but it is not the end. Matthew 24:6 mentions, “You will hear about wars and rumors of wars, but be careful not to panic. Even though these things must occur, the end is yet forthcoming.”

Famines and earthquakes are merely the contractions of what is to come. It was mentioned in the Bible, Matthew 24:7–8, “There will be earthquakes and famines all the world. These are all the first signs of childbirth pains on a pregnant woman.”

The second coming of Christ will be dazzling, visible, and spectacular. No one on earth will be able to conceal this event; everyone will see Jesus. He will literally and personally return. Revelation 1:7 says, “Everyone will be able to see Him because He is approaching in clouds.”

The wicked who are still living will beg for the hills and rocks to fall on them when Jesus returns to earth because they are unable to see His face (Revelation 6:15–17). Because they did not know the Heavenly Father or follow the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the wicked shall be annihilated with everlasting destruction (2 Thessalonians 1:7–10).

The Benefits Of Knowing The Signs

The Lord declared regarding Jesus coming back, “Neither the angels in heaven nor the hour know the hour and day.” He said that we might predict the arrival of summer by seeing a fig tree putting forth new leaves. Likewise, we might anticipate His arrival when we see the signs listed in the Bible.

The Lord performs great signs to aid us. We may organize our lives and prepare for upcoming events for our family and ourselves. Although we have been forewarned of impending disasters and instructed to get ready for them, we can also rejoice in the Savior’s impending arrival.

The Lord commanded, “Be not alarmed, for when all these things (the signs) take place, you will know that the promises that have been given and made to you will be fulfilled.”

Jesus spoke that when He returns, the righteous will not be destroyed but will endure the day. Additionally, their offspring will grow up without sin, and the earth will be entrusted to them as a heritage. Because the Lord will be among them and over them in glory, He will also be their ruler and the source of their rules.

1 Thessalonians 4:16–17 says, “For the trumpet of God, the voice of an archangel, and a shout will accompany the Lord Himself as He descended from heaven. And the first to rise are the dead in Christ. Then, along with them, those of us who are still alive will be taken into the clouds to be with the Lord in the air. Thus, we will constantly be with the Lord.”

Are We Living In The Last Days?

The main points are that neither Jesus’ return time nor its timing is explicitly mentioned in the Bible, nor is there any encouragement for us to try to predict it. The Bible encourages us to stay alert and be prepared rather than devising irrational and speculative calculations to figure out when God is returning here on earth. The fact that we do not know when Jesus will come back should inspire us to live each day in anticipation of His coming.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed to us, and the Lord is aware of not just the number of hairs on our heads and our current thoughts but also the duration of each of our days. Because Jesus is powerful to save by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, God longs for your conversion, return to Him, and trust in Christ. Instead of cowering in terror, hold firm to the Lord Jesus and tell everyone about the glories of Christ.

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Jesus is patiently delaying His return so that people will have as much time as possible to decide whether or not to follow Him based on their self-control. Jesus wants to go back to heaven with as many people as possible. 2 Peter 3:8–9 says, “But, dear ones, remember this: With the Lord, a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.”

Although some may consider the Lord to be slack in keeping His word, He is patient with us and does not want anyone to perish but instead that everyone turn to God for salvation. Christ’s rule will be firm and just, and it will continue for a millennium.

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