Why Did God Choose Abraham To Be The Father Of All Nations?

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The question of why did God choose Abraham is not uncommon. Abraham was an unrighteous person who was raised in a different, pagan culture. Although Abraham was brought up in a pagan household, we are unsure of when or how God revealed Himself to him initially.

Ur, his birthplace, was in Chaldea, which lies in the approximate region known as Mesopotamia, between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers[1]. It was a prosperous nation with a developed culture. It was around 140 miles away from the place where the future city of Babylon will someday be constructed and close to the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:14).

Key Takeaways

  • God chose Abraham despite his pagan background to lead him away from idolatry, demonstrating that faith and obedience to God can transform lives and establish a new path towards righteousness.
  • Through Abraham’s faith and obedience, God aimed to establish a covenant that would not only found a great nation but also pave the way for the coming of Jesus Christ, fulfilling God’s plan for human salvation.
  • Abraham’s story emphasizes the importance of forsaking one’s old, sinful ways to embrace a life of faith, as doing so aligns with God’s will and promises for a blessed future and eternal life.

Why Did God Choose Abraham?

Abraham heard God’s message to make his way to a foreign and unknown land despite coming from a sinful background (Joshua 24:2). He responded by abandoning his father’s house, his entire family, and the only country he had ever known.

In Isaiah 51:1–2, Isaiah reminded his brother Jews that God reveals Himself to help us remember our beginnings and what he has done for us. God spoke to Abraham to deliver him from idolatry and pagan practices so that He could help him and the nation through him. Isaiah called Abraham “the rock from which you were hewn” and also “the quarry from which you were mined.”

God Chose A Pagan

God knew that Abraham may not have the best moral beliefs among his peers and fellow citizens. But he was chosen by God because God wanted to. And when God talked to him, he paid attention; when God made a promise, he put his faith in it; and when God gave an order, he carried it out.

Just as Abraham’s belief led him away from pagan practices and ignorance and toward a different world and a new way of living, likewise God asks anyone who turns to Jesus Christ that they embark on a journey from their old lifestyles into a fresh one.

Renewed Person Through God

The verse 2 Corinthians 5:17 teaches us that disengagement from the world comes with salvation: “Therefore, if someone is in Jesus, they are a new entity; the old things have gone away; see, new things will come.” The complete desire to abandon all that is unpleasant to the Almighty is what the Lord wants in our hearts.

Jesus must first lead us away from the old in order to guide us into a fresh way of life. We should pray to God, “I don’t understand what You’ll decide to do with my life, God, but I’m ready to give up those old things. I’m going to remove them even though I have no idea what You’ll replace them with.”

The Christian pilgrim must have that mentality. They must be willing to leave their own Ur, their own area of sin and ignorance, as well as the world’s way, to live a life of faith. “Do not conform to this sinful world, but be converted by the renewal of your mind, so that you may demonstrate the good, proper, and full will of God” (Rom. 12:2; Gal. 1:4; cf. 2 Cor. 6:14).

What Was God’s Purpose In Choosing Abraham?

According to Galatians 3:29, if you follow Christ, then you are an heir and a descendant of Abraham based on God’s promise. Abraham was the beginning of God’s plan to use His Son as a reward for salvation to humanity. He served as the foundation for human redemption, which founded the lineage of Jesus Christ. All because of Abraham’s trust, God shed light on another reason for choosing Abraham to carry out an everlasting covenant and found a great nation.

For the reason God chose Abraham, he will be able to instruct his offspring and household to follow in the Lord’s footsteps by acting righteously and justly, allowing the Lord to fulfill His promises to Abraham (Genesis 18:19).

God chose Abraham because He believed He could instruct “his descendants and his family to preserve God’s way.” God’s explanation of deliverance to the people of Israel holds the key to the solution. “Because I took the children of Israel out of Egypt, they become My servants and are My people. The Lord, your God, is me” (Leviticus 25:55).

Abraham’s Unwavering Faith

Abraham’s great faith also went beyond merely acknowledging the existence of God and placing his faith in His revealed will. Through faith, Abraham obeyed God and understood himself to be a servant of God, who he recognized as his Ruler, Lord, and King of his life. Adherence to Divine revelation is required as a sign of respect for God’s omnipotence.

Abraham also discovered how to live a holy life and approach God blamelessly because he “listened and obeyed” (Genesis 17:1). Abraham’s obedience was put to the ultimate test when he offered his only boy, Isaac, to God (Genesis 22:1–18).

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What Did God Call Abraham To Do?

According to Genesis 12:1–3, God called Abraham to leave Haran and his household and move to a new land that has been reserved for him. Verses 4–9 describe how Abraham obeyed God’s Word.

Abraham received a promise from God that his offspring will be as numerous as the sky’s bright stars. And He would indeed be their Holy God and would eternally grant them a certain piece of land. But long before that, God promised to bless Abraham and his descendants, who will in turn share the blessing with all the nations world. God gave Abraham three promises:

  • The promised land (Genesis 12:1, 4–5; Hebrews 11:8)
  • A great nation (Genesis 12:2; Genesis 22:17)
  • God’s blessing (Genesis 12:3; Acts 3:25; Galatians 3:8)

God provided for all the families in part by giving Abraham the place he had promised. The Jews inherited the Promised Land following the Exodus from Egypt, another example demonstrating God’s ability to foretell the future and keep His word.

Why Was Abraham Chosen To Be The Father Of All Nations?

God chose Abraham to receive His blessing, first for the people who would descend from him—the Israelites—and then for all of humanity on Earth. Genesis 22 repeats the same pledge when Father Abraham was prepared to comply with God’s request to sacrifice Isaac, the promised son.

When God intervened to prevent him from hurting Isaac, he was promised that Isaac’s descendants would number as many as “the stars of the sky and as the grains of sand that grace the seashore” (Genesis 22:17). The Israelites, God’s chosen people, descended from Abraham, to whom “the prophecies of God” were handed (Romans 3:2). The Lord’s commandment and the Messiah’s impending arrival were revealed in the prophecy.

Second, God chose Abraham to prepare the Messiah. God told that all families of the earth would be blessed through Abraham’s descendants (Genesis 22:1–18). This scripture refers to Lord Jesus as Abraham’s “offspring,” who would give everyone on earth the chance to experience everlasting bliss.

“The promises were spoken to Abraham and his descendant.” The passage doesn’t refer to Abraham’s children, but rather, to only one offspring, who is Jesus, our Savior (Galatians 3:16).

Third, God chose Abraham to demonstrate his faith for our benefit. Abraham obeyed when he was told to go to a land that he would inherit because of his faith. He left without knowing his destination (Hebrews 11:8). When we’re asked to give up our worldly interests and conveniences, we ought to behave faithfully as Abraham did.

Being descendants of Abraham, we ought to follow in his footsteps and follow God’s plan, having complete faith in Him for our future. We ought to seek the manifestation of God’s promises in our daily existence, just like Abraham did. Abraham achieved eternal life because he readily and wholeheartedly embraced God’s call.

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One of the biggest hurdles to accepting Jesus Christ is leaving our old, sinful life. It is also among the biggest barriers to faithful and honest living after accepting Him. Finding a new beginning in Jesus may seem monotonous and boring. But as we mature in Him and our love for Him grows, the more detached we become from the things of this world.

We won’t desire to do or have them as we once did. The journey of faith starts with a separation from the world’s way. As we focus on Christ and our relationship with Him, we eventually lose interest in the things we previously cherished so dearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did God Choose Abraham?

God chose Abraham because He wanted to lead him away from idolatry and pagan practices, to establish a covenant through him, and to set an example of faith and obedience that would pave the way for the coming of Jesus Christ and the salvation of humanity.

What Was Abraham’s Background Before Being Chosen By God?

Abraham’s background before being chosen by God involved living in a pagan culture in Ur of Chaldea, where he was surrounded by idolatry and did not initially know the one true God.

How Did Abraham Respond To God’s Call?

Abraham responded to God’s call by leaving his homeland, his father’s house, and his family to go to a land that God promised to show him, demonstrating his faith and obedience.

What Is The Significance Of Abraham In Christianity?

The significance of Abraham in Christianity lies in his role as the father of faith, whose obedience and trust in God’s promises set a foundational example for Christians and connect them to God’s covenant through faith in Jesus Christ, making them heirs to the promises given to Abraham.

What Were The Promises God Made To Abraham?

God made several key promises to Abraham, including making him the father of a great nation, blessing him, making his name great, and blessing all the families of the earth through his descendants, which ultimately points to the salvation offered through Jesus Christ.

How Does Abraham’s Faith Influence Christians Today?

Abraham’s faith influences Christians today by serving as a model of unwavering trust in God’s promises, encouraging believers to leave behind their old ways and embrace a life of faith and obedience, just as Abraham did.

What Does Abraham’s Story Teach Us About God’s Purpose?

Abraham’s story teaches us that God’s purpose in choosing individuals like Abraham is to establish a relationship with humanity based on faith, obedience, and the fulfillment of His promises, leading to salvation and a new way of life for those who believe.

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