Why Did God Create Us?

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One of the most nagging and elusive inquiries of humankind is: Why Did God Create Us? Our minds become baffled, and our innate curiosity turns more intense as we search for the origins of the creation of the world and the universe. We also ask, “What is my purpose?” Often, our minute intelligence reveals our reliance on our imperfect brains and the five senses to define the truth of our existence.

But the secret is laid bare in our intricate design and the marvel of nature that surrounds us. There must be a God—a Master Craftsman who can, at His very will, create us from “out of the ground” and bestow His holy purpose on our lives.

Why Did God Create Us?

In the Garden of Eden, God created our first parents, Adam and Eve[1]. We are created in His image. Genesis 1:27 says: “So God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them.” He created us for His purpose and delight. Revelation 4:11 also says, “For thou hast created all things.”

God did not create people and the world because He was bored. But God is our magnificent God, who can do whatever He pleases. All of His actions and creations are worthy outpourings and reflections of His might and benevolence because He is love. His purposes are holy and glorious. So that we could know, love, and worship Him, God made us and the world to display His glory.

Unlike angels or animals, we are made in His image—we are unique in His eyes. He breathed into us the power and indwelling of the Spirit so that we could share His glory, goodness, love, and joy in our bare existence.

He is a sovereign God who can do whatever He wants. But God delights in His creation. In Genesis 1 and 2, He calls His creation “good.” Despite our fallen state, He does not condemn us. Instead, He has provided a plan and a blueprint for our redemption so that Christians can share in His glory in eternity.

Reasons Why God Created Us Based On The Bible

We Are Made To Worship Him

Worship originated in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve had perfect fellowship with God, obeyed Him, and lived according to His will.

Today, many of us worship many things other than God. In ancient Mesopotamia, each nation had shrines to its gods, and all worshiped their gods through images. Many people claim they don’t worship anything. But the entire human race worships pagan gods, and atheists believe in and worship something other than God. Everyone is a worshiper. But who or what is the object of our worship?

We worship rock stars, false gods, money, and even Satan. We spend a great deal of time in pursuit of our selfish interests and neglect to pray for and adore our true Creator.

Peter rebuked Cornelius when he fell at Peter’s feet to worship him. Acts 10:26 says: But Peter lifted him, saying, “Stand up; I am also a man.” Jesus also sharply admonished Satan when he tried to get Jesus to worship him (Matthew 4:8–10).

These deep and troubling realities bring to the fore our object of adoration. Do we still bear the mark of a creature who worships God, or have we turned into a creature whose only concern is to adore ourselves and feed our selfishness? Because we are His beloved creation, He demands that we worship and praise Him and Him alone. We receive glory when we praise Him on earth.

We were made to worship God. Psalm 99:5 reads, “Exalt the Lord our God; worship at his footstool! Holy is he!” As believers, all our daily activities should be acts of glorifying God. Remember that He is a jealous God and that our object of adoration must only be pointed to our magnificent Creator.

We Were Created To Reflect His Image

Because of His overriding love, our Heavenly Father created us perfect and blameless—a mirror copy of His likeness. Genesis 1:27 reads: “So God created man in his image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

The image of God is a foundational concept for understanding our significance and purpose. Understanding how we are made in God’s image helps us see the basis for the dignity and purpose of our lives and work.

But sin and the secular advancement of mankind have marred our identity and purpose. Genetic engineering has given us “godly” attributes in that we can produce our kind according to our personal preferences and inclinations. These technologies have also given us thoughts of being the next Einstein or the most powerful athlete. We also relish the idea that we can someday live and survive without perspiring for work.

Sex change has also directly challenged God’s precept of gender identification. Lastly, artificial intelligence has also put into question the essence of free will. Machines can now take over our freedom of choice. These “wonders” lead us to the question: Are we still the humans God has created us to be? Are we still in conformity with the basic biblical precept that we were made in the likeness of God?

Today, we still possess God’s image and the biblical picture, but we also carry the scars of iniquity. Let us look to Christ and emulate him. He is the perfect mirror of the image of God.

New Born Child And Why Did God Create Us

God Created Us For His Glory

The third reason God created us is to please Him and have fellowship with Him. We are destined for eternal life, and our purpose does not waver and remains consistent in the past, present, and future.

We worship and glorify God as an act of love. He has poured out his benevolent love for us so generously that we cannot help but praise him for it, and seeing the number 16 constantly means benevolence and a spiritual path.

We also glorify Christ through our deeds and actions. Through our daily prayers, we exalt Him for our existence and express our gratitude to Him. We thank God for our blessings, provisions, and protection. God brought us out of the darkness of this world. He knows what is best for our lives, and by glorifying Him through our actions, we acknowledge this great truth.

We glorify God because we can do nothing without Him. 1 Corinthians 10:31 reads, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Glorifying him recognizes our sheer helplessness and the dire need for him.

To Exercise Dominion And Rule Over All Other Creation

Why did God create us and the earth? God gave humankind the mandate to rule over the whole creation. As His most beloved human beings, we are told to take care of all other living creations—animals, birds, plants, nature, and everything that has breath. Genesis 1:28 states, “Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

To work in God’s image is to exercise dominion over all His other creations. Man is appointed king over creation, responsible to God, our ultimate king. God asks us to manage and take care of His creation. Nurturing the earth means harnessing its diverse natural resources as well as caring for them.

Having dominion requires precise responsibility for taking care of God’s creation. We are not to abuse or molest them; we are to protect them and help provide for their needs. Proverbs 12:10 says, “A righteous man regards the life of his animal, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

The work of humanity can either preserve or destroy our environment, the ecosystems, and the climate that God has bestowed on us. Dominion is not the right or authority to work against God’s creation, but the aptitude and capability to work for it.

2 Misconceptions About God Creating Mankind

God Was Bored

God made us with a grand purpose. God did not create human beings for His entertainment. Because of His benevolence, He made us in His likeness so that He could witness His glory within us.

God was not bored because He was the complete, perfect, and ultimate being. He lacks nothing and does not need anything to please him. Boredom results from a lack of something or someone. God is eternal and unchanging and does not switch from one emotional state to another.

Why did God create us? God made humans and the universe for His pleasure. He didn’t have to create us, but He chose to do so for His pure enjoyment. God is our loving Father in heaven, and we were made His children. We belong to God’s family, and we are destined to be members of His eternal kingdom and household.

God Was Lonely

God is perfect, and nothing can be lacking for Him. He certainly did not create us because he was lonely. In Greek mythology, the gods are numerous and interact with each other. In Scripture, God is the Creator of all, our magnificent, holy God, who does not need anyone or anything.

He was not lonely. He created angels to bring him glory and fellowship. The Holy Spirit also indwells Him, and He is full of love. God’s love is consuming. He does not need to draw any emotion from anyone or anything to please him.

Stained Glass And Why Did God Create Us


Ultimately, why did God create us? God made man in His image and likeness—with a mind to think, emotions to feel, and a free will to make choices. He also bestowed on man the responsibility and destiny to rule and reign over the whole earth in total dependence on and submission to God.

God created us out of His grace and as an extension of His goodness. In our pursuit to know and love Jesus Christ better, we understand who we are and the reason for our existence. We were made in His image to love God and bring Him glory. Ultimately, God created us for a magnificent purpose—to have an eternal relationship with Him.

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  1. I’ve been wondering why God ever created humanity because for the simple fact is if he knew the way humanity was going to do like Adam and Eve when they sinned against him which makes me mad by the way because they’re the ones that opened up the world to evil( AKA sin and then their two sons, one killing the other to just plan jealousy and in all years that’s gone by sense then it hasn’t stopped but then again why should it as long as humanity has evil wicked Satan as a bad influence on people getting into lots of people’s stupid empty heads anyway I just think we were just the biggest mistake that could have ever happened because I think the world have been better off without humanity I mean don’t think there would have been half the problems with the world if any at all if we hadn’t been around to create those problems like the pollution problem for an example and the climate problems that I hear talked about of lately.


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