10 Best Christian Books For Teenagers On Building A Strong Faith Foundation

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The Bible, our truth source, reveals God’s character, will, and commands. Christian books, inspired by God’s Word, support and clarify Scripture’s wisdom.

Reading these books helps teens deepen their faith understanding and apply Biblical principles to life. They can appreciate God’s love, strengthen their spiritual foundation, gain eternal perspective on current issues, and understand prayer’s power.

Christian literature, from ancient courage tales to modern miracles[1], provides timeless wisdom for young readers growing in their relationship with Christ.

Key Takeaways

  • These best Christian books for teenagers are essential for their spiritual development, offering comfort, inspiration, and practical advice for life’s challenges, thereby deepening their understanding and application of biblical principles.
  • These best Christian books for teenagers cover diverse topics like fear, identity, and God’s holiness, addressing various aspects of teenage life and making them relatable and relevant to young readers.
  • Reading these books strengthens teenagers’ faith and understanding of God’s plan while also fostering a sense of community among young believers and encouraging group discussions and shared learning experiences.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Christian Books For Teenagers

The Armor Of God - Bible Study Book

1. The Armor Of God – Bible Study Book

The Armor of God is a seven-session study by Priscilla Shirer that covers topics based on the Book of Ephesians. Participants will learn how to use each piece of the armor to defend themselves against the devil’s schemes. It is designed to help Christians, especially young adolescents, stand firm against the enemy’s attacks.

Shirer, who is also a best-selling author and speaker, has a passion for helping people deepen their understanding of God’s Word. Her previous studies, such as Discerning the Voice of God and Gideon, have helped countless individuals grow in their faith. The book’s aim is for participants to come away with a greater understanding of God’s protection and a deeper appreciation for the power of prayer.

Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul

2. Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul is a collection of inspirational stories that aim to provide guidance, support, and comfort to teenagers going through tough times. Co-authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are both renowned motivational speakers and authors, while Kimberly Kirberger is a known expert on teen issues.

The book is divided into various sections, each focusing on a different aspect of teenage life. Whether it is dealing with peer pressure, navigating the complexities of relationships, or finding one’s identity, the book covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to teenagers.

The stories in the book are heartwarming, relatable, and offer valuable life lessons. They are written by teenagers themselves as well as by parents, teachers, and other individuals who have had a positive impact on the lives of teenagers. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul has been widely acclaimed for its positive impact on the life journey of teenagers. It has helped countless teenagers overcome their struggles and find the strength to overcome adversity.

Live Fearless: A Call To Power, Passion, And Purpose

3. Live Fearless: A Call To Power, Passion, And Purpose

Are you feeling stuck in life? Do you find yourself constantly battling fear and doubt? Live Fearless: A Call to Power, Passion, and Purpose by Sadie Robertson and Beth Clark is a must-read to overcome fear. This book is the perfect guide for anyone looking for inspiration and guidance to live life to the fullest.

Filled with practical insights and tips, Robertson and Clark’s writing is both powerful and relatable. They share their own personal struggles with fear and doubt and offer actionable advice on how to overcome those obstacles and pursue your passions.

Whether you’re starting a new career, launching a business, or simply looking to live a purposeful life, Live Fearless is a treasure. The book is a call to action to embrace fearless living and to pursue and discover the power, passion, and purpose that lie within each of us.

One God, One Plan, One Life: A 365 Devotional

4. One God, One Plan, One Life: A 365 Devotional

This devotional by renowned pastor and author Max Lucado is designed to help readers build a stronger relationship with God and navigate life’s challenges with faith and hope. Each daily reading offers a brief, yet impactful lesson for young people designed to inspire readers and deepen their faith.

Drawing from his decades of experience in preaching and writing, Lucado provides readers with insights on topics such as grace, forgiveness, hope, and love. With a unique perspective that is both relatable and thought-provoking, One God, One Plan, One Life is the perfect companion for anyone looking to start or strengthen their daily devotional practice.

Lucado’s writing is known for its clarity, warmth, and humor, and this book is no exception. His insights are grounded in biblical wisdom and his background as a pastor and author. Whether you are a longtime Christian or just beginning to explore your faith, this devotional is sure to uplift and encourage you.

Welcome To Adulting: Navigating Faith, Friendship, Finances, And The Future

5. Welcome To Adulting: Navigating Faith, Friendship, Finances, And The Future

Jonathan “JP” Pokluda and Kevin McConaghy have teamed up to release Welcome to Adulting, which is aimed at young Christians and adults who are transitioning into the “real world” and tackling the challenges that come with it. The book covers a wide range of topics, such as finances, relationships, careers, mental health, and spirituality.

Through Welcome to Adulting, Pokluda—the head pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church—and McConaghy—executive director of young adult ministry The Porch—offer practical advice and personal anecdotes that are relatable and helpful for readers.

Mere Christianity

6. Mere Christianity

A theological book by C.S. Lewis first published in 1952, Mere Christianity discusses several doctrines and beliefs, intending to present a common foundation of Christianity that could be accepted by all Christians, regardless of their denomination. It has been highly regarded by many people around the world, making it one of the most influential books about the Christian faith of the 20th century.

The book’s title refers to a set of fundamental beliefs that are common to all Christians, irrespective of their religious affiliation. Lewis argues that Christians should focus on these beliefs rather than their differences and that the concept of Mere Christianity is essential for making Christianity accessible to people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Lewis reveals that Christianity is not a set of rules or regulations but a way of life that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is not just a religion, but a relationship with God.

The Power Of A Praying Teen

7. The Power Of A Praying Teen 

Prayer is the key that unlocks our holy fellowship with God. It is also a powerful tool that can help young people navigate through the challenges of life.

In The Power of a Praying Teen, Stormie Omartian emphasizes the importance of prayer and how it can transform our lives. She encourages Christian teens to develop the habit of praying daily and to make it a priority in their lives. Through prayer, we can seek guidance and wisdom from God, find comfort in His presence, and overcome our fears and doubts. Prayer can also give us the strength to face difficult situations and make the right decisions.

Omartian reminds us that prayer is not just about asking for things but also about listening to God and seeking His will for our lives. Through prayer, we can seek guidance, find strength, and overcome our fears and doubts. We can also overcome temptation and peer pressure and find healing through forgiveness.

Trusting God

8. Trusting God

Trusting God provides readers with a biblical perspective on the concept of trusting in God. The book emphasizes the importance of trusting in God’s sovereignty, wisdom, and love, even when we don’t understand why certain things happen in our lives.

One of the major themes in the book is the sovereignty of God. Author Jerry Bridges emphasizes that God is in control of everything that happens in the world, whether good or bad. He argues that Christians must learn to trust in God’s autonomy, even when they don’t understand why certain things happen. Bridges notes that when we trust in God’s sovereignty, we are better able to handle difficult situations and find peace amid chaos.

Don't Waste Your Life

9. Don’t Waste Your Life

Renowned author and theologian John Piper released his book Don’t Waste Your Life in 2003, and it has since become a staple in the world of Christian literature. The book urges young people to live their lives with intentionality and purpose, encouraging them to prioritize their relationship with God and live for Him.

In Don’t Waste Your Life, Piper shares the story of his personal journey of discovering the true meaning of life and how he came to live with purpose. He challenges readers to evaluate their own lives and make changes that will lead to a more meaningful existence.

The book has received widespread praise from readers and pastors alike, with many citing it as a transformative read that has helped them realign their priorities and live a Christian life with a greater sense of purpose.

The Holiness Of God

10. The Holiness Of God

The Holiness of God, by renowned theologian R. C. Sproul, is an exploration of one of the key attributes of God: His holiness. In it, Sproul delves deep into the meaning and significance of this attribute and how it affects our understanding of sin, justice, and grace. He also discusses how this attribute should shape our lives as believers and how we can reflect God’s holiness in our daily lives.

Throughout the book, Sproul provides numerous examples and anecdotes that help to illustrate his points and make the material more engaging for a Christian teen. He also includes several scriptural references and quotes from other theologians to support his arguments and provide additional insight into the topic at hand.

A must-read for Christian teenagers, The Holiness of God helps readers find God’s nature and the significance of His holiness. Whether you are a theologian, pastor, or simply someone who wants to grow in faith, this book is sure to challenge and inspire you.

a teenager immersed in a cozy corner of a library reading the best christian books for teenagers

Why Should Teens Read Christian Books?

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

— 2 Timothy 3:16–17

Teens should read Christian books to navigate the world’s complexities. These books, including Christian fiction, offer valuable insights and benefits for the following reasons:

1. Christian Books Provide Guidance

Christian books guide teens in relationships, faith, and personal growth. Their biblical perspective helps them navigate challenges with a solid foundation.

2. Christian Books Can Deepen Faith

Christian books deepen faith by offering biblical insights and an understanding of God’s plan. They are useful resources for young Christians, inspiring growth through others’ experiences with God.

3. Christian Books Offer Encouragement

Life’s challenges can be daunting. Christian books offer hope and remind you of God’s constant presence and purpose.

4. Christian Books Build Community

Christian books foster connections with fellow believers. They encourage discussions with loved ones or in groups, aiding in building relationships based on shared beliefs.

a teenager engrossed in a sea of Christian books


In today’s world, teens and young adults are vulnerable. Christian books supplement the Bible, fortify their faith, and deepen their godly knowledge. These books provide insights, practical applications, and truths not easily found elsewhere, equipping teens for struggles and clarifying their identities in Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Christian Book For Boys And Puberty?

The Christian book for boys and puberty that comes highly recommended is “Growing Up God’s Way for Boys” by Dr. Chris Richards and Dr. Liz Jones. It’s a comprehensive guide for 10–14-year-olds, providing biblical truths about puberty. Another resource is “Growing in Grace – A Christian Puberty Book for Boys,” which supports boys during puberty. Both books reinforce Christian values and serve as excellent resources for boys during this significant phase.

Where To Start Reading The Bible For Youth?

For youth starting to read the Bible, it’s suggested to start with the Gospels and Acts for a foundation in Jesus Christ’s life and the early church. Genesis and Exodus are recommended in the Old Testament. The aim is to understand the Bible’s theology, Christian living, and redemptive history, guided by the Holy Spirit.

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