10 Best Christian Books For Toddlers For Early Spiritual Development

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Now more than ever, parents are responsible for monitoring and managing the information that their children consume. We, as adults, should make an effort to only present children with materials that we believe to be visually beautiful, ethically uplifting, and educational to teach kids the value of kindness.

Reading our young children the best Christian kids’ books[1] and bible stories is one of the most beneficial activities that we, as parents, can do for them at a young age. It offers an opportunity where meaningful moments can be shared with children while telling them memorable stories from the past.

As they get older, they can utilize these as a starting point to have more in-depth conversations about the meaning of life. The best part is, you can read them whenever you need some quiet time, whether it’s right before you go to sleep or right after you wake up.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Christian Books For Toddlers

when i pray for you

1. When I Pray For You

Matthew Paul Turner’s writing manages to illustrate, via a combination of lyricism, whimsicality, and genuine passion, the true story of the emotional experience of watching a cherished child develop into an adult. This is a very moving experience.

When I Pray for You has a sweet and very uplifting narrative, and it is paired with vibrant and fun illustrations that Kimberley Barnes made, which is the most important thing in this book. This allows the children and their parents to see themselves depicted in this book. When I Pray for You is a beautiful picture book that honors a parent’s prayers for their child and demonstrates to young readers how much their loved ones care about them.

Your child will surely insist that you read this book to them multiple times. They are going to adore it. This book is ideal for marking significant junctures in a person’s life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations from high school or college.

the bible made easy for kids

2. The Bible Made Easy For Kids

Both young and old can benefit from Dave Strehler’s The Bible Made Easy – for Kids, as it guides us through a fascinating and educational journey, teaching us to better understand Bible stories and educating kids on how to take biblical truths and apply them in life.

The writing is conversational in tone and easy to understand. Line drawings begging to be colored, charts simplifying complex information, questions inciting deep contemplation, and helpful discussion starters abound in the content, leading children to the right path.

Important conversations such as faith and salvation in heaven, central to the Bible, are broken down for children in a language they can understand. When used in tandem with the Bible, this imaginative resource can help young readers make the exciting correlation between stories in the book explaining the Bible, biblical values, their own lives, and God’s redeeming plan for humanity.

This is not a Bible but a brilliant resource for leading family devotions, including Bible reading or supplementing a child’s Bible study. Every home should have a copy of The Bible Made Easy – for Kids.

the complete illustrated children's bible

3. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible

You can inculcate in your child an affection and reverence for the Bible that will last for the rest of his or her life if you use this collection of stories full of life and excitement. This massive compilation of the Bible’s most well-known stories that God gave is suitable for reading aloud or by oneself at any time of the day. It includes all of the compelling stories in the Bible.

It features close to 300 lovely photos that cover two pages, each of which is designed to catch the attention and heart of even the smallest child. This great book is suitable for children as young as three years old.

There is no greater choice for the first book that will become a valued family heritage than what you will find in this book. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible will prove to be a wise option.

baby's first book of prayers

4. Baby’s First Book Of Prayers

This charming first book of prayers features 41 prayers and lovely artwork that parents will enjoy reading to their infants and toddlers regularly. The prayers are appropriate for children ages 0 to 3 years old. This book is ideal for parents who want to establish a sense of spirituality in their children. It is written so young children can understand and grasp concepts easily.

Giving this book to a new family member is a wonderful opportunity to instill a sense of gratitude in both children and parents, regardless of whether they are male or female. If doting parents or grandparents were to give their child a copy of Baby’s First Book of Prayers, they would be the fortunate recipient of an exquisite present, especially during baby showers.

you are special (max lucado's wemmicks)

5. You Are Special (Max Lucado’s Wemmicks)

In this book, there’s a Wemmick called Punchinello who lives in Wemmickville. Residents hand out stickers regularly, with gold stars given to the Wemmicks, who are the most talented, clever, and visually pleasing, while gray dots are given to the Wemmicks, who are the most ordinary. Punchinello begins to have the impression that he is of no use because of the gray spots.

After that, he decides to pay his creator, Eli the woodcarver, a visit and finds out where his true value resides. This uplifting story penned by Max Lucado serves as a gentle reminder to kids at an early age that God loves each one of us despite our flaws and shortcomings.

This stunning demonstration of an eternal truth will resonate with adults and children alike. Sergio Martinez created this intriguing artwork for the paperback gift version of the bestselling book, which has already sold millions of copies worldwide.

when god made you

6. When God Made You

Even very young children have a natural curiosity about their place in the world and a desire to understand how their individual characteristics, gifts, and abilities can make a positive difference in the lives of others. It is a simple method to help someone extend their wings and take flight if you reassure them that they are loved without condition and that they are a one-of-a-kind being in our vast universe.

When God Made You is a children’s book that encourages young readers to learn about their distinctive abilities and how they fit into the divine plan. This purpose is accomplished through the use of both entertaining and engaging rhymes, songs, and scripture, as well as vibrant and fantastic illustrations.

notes from jesus: what your new best friend wants you to know

7. Notes From Jesus: What Your New Best Friend Wants You To Know

You can depend on Jesus to be there for you as a youngster in ways that no other friend can. This friendship is something you can bank on. He is always ready to listen to the events of your day, help alleviate any fears you may have, and engage in some humorous banter with you. As you can expect from a good friend, He would be eager to share personal details about Himself with you.

Each card in this collection serves as an inspiring reminder to younger readers that Jesus takes joy in their presence and harbors the hope that they will become friends for life. This would make a wonderful gift for young children, babies who are just beginning to learn about Jesus, new churchgoers and their families, or any other child who has taken on a significant milestone in their life.

i prayed for you

8. I Prayed For You

I Prayed for You, written by Jean Fischer, is widely considered among the best books on love and family aimed at children and is easily accessible. This is because it demonstrates the lengths to which a mother would go in order to provide for and take care of her child. The fact that more than 300,000 copies of this board book have been sold is proof that parents and other caregivers believe it to be an excellent choice for young children to read.

The story follows a mother bear who expresses her deep love for her cub and the ways in which she prayed for him before he was born. The mother lovingly recounts the various prayers she offered for her child throughout the book, including petitions for protection, discernment, and direction.

I Prayed For You is a heartfelt and inspiring tale that is sure to resonate with both children and adults. It reminds us of the power of prayer, the beauty of unconditional love, and the joy of watching our loved ones grow and flourish. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or caregiver, this book is a must-read that will inspire you to pray for the special little ones in your life.

this i know: seeing god in the world he made

9. This I Know: Seeing God In The World He Made

Everything in the creation of the cosmos is a testimony to God’s love for his creation; as a result, we should have no doubt that Jesus loves us. When you look around, do you see evidence of God’s handiwork? They can glean insights into the Creator from the created world and His charisma in the midst of the vegetation.

Accompany a family on the trip of a lifetime as they move from one end of the country to the other in this book, taking in the sights and experiencing the wonders that God has made. The book confirms what all of God’s creation seeks to convey: Jesus loves us.

With this book, you can have an incredible day filled with wonderful adventures. God’s works never fail to communicate with us in some way, whether it’s through the start of a new day, which shows us that God refreshes everything; through a violent storm, which demonstrates God’s power; or through a gentle snowfall, which reveals God’s grace. No matter where we turn, we can see the handiwork of God, His beauty, and His character decorating the earth.

This fascinating book that will help you sleep is packed with joyful rhymes, beautiful illustrations, magnificent artwork, a bedtime story, adorable animals, secret Bible verses, and the message that Jesus loves us at the very end. You and your children are guaranteed to spend hours poring over this book together.

indescribable: 100 devotions for kids about god and science

10. Indescribable: 100 Devotions For Kids About God And Science

When you go through space, you can educate yourself about God. The books Indescribable and How Amazing Is Our God are two of Louie Giglio’s best-known works, and the book Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God and Science is inspired by those very same narratives. It will instill in children a desire to learn about the incredible Creator responsible for making the universe from a young age.

In the book Indescribable, the awesomeness of the universe is demonstrated using a combination of scientific data, photos, and original artwork created by the author himself. These 100 meditations on various topics, including the cosmos, star systems, planets, and space, are meant to inspire awe and astonishment in the reader regarding the ingenuity of God.

The earth, its interior, its oceans, and the environment that many different kinds of animals, ranging from frogs to flytraps to dinosaurs, evolved in are all interconnected. Each devotional in this book has a part titled “Be Amazed” that contains mind-blowing facts on numerous scientific topics.

These devotionals are ideal for preschoolers and children between 6 and 10. In a way, it is a lesson on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that is straightforward, child-friendly, and interactive.

The book also includes stunning, full-color photographs and illustrations that help bring the topics to life. The pictures are visually appealing and capture the beauty of God’s creation, making the book a joy to read and explore.

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and children alike. It offers a unique vantage point on how science and faith may coexist and inspires readers to discover the wonders of God’s world. The book is accessible and interesting, making it a worthwhile addition to the library of any household.

Why Choose Christian Books For Kids?

Any loving parent will hope that their children experience only the best in this world. We are confident that following the teachings of Jesus Christ is the supreme way of life for people of all ages. Children need a guardian in their lives who reads them passages from the Bible, teaches prayer, and shows them how to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ in their day-to-day life as role models.

Christian books can help instill important values and teachings in children from a young age. It is written in the scripture that children require not just physical but also spiritual sustenance that we can provide for them. They need us to demonstrate how to teach children and obey God rather than simply preaching to them.

Reading aloud to youngsters is a wonderful activity that might inspire them to investigate the Christian faith. In addition to this, reading to our children is a wonderful experience for everyone involved. It tells us that simply reading a book is not enough; what truly matters is how we interact with our children when we read and teach them Christian values.

Reading Christian books as a family can be a great way to spend quality time together and strengthen family bonds, and reading aloud to them is a wonderful way to initiate important dialogues about what we’ve read and improve their character traits. These books can spark meaningful conversations and help families grow closer together.

Overall, Christian books for kids can be a great way to help children develop a strong faith and grow in their understanding of Christianity. As children get older, we can provide them with a greater variety of reading material they can explore independently. But, even in this setting, we should try to engage them in conversation about the books they are reading so they can process their thoughts and feelings correctly.

little boy or child touching the bible


Reading is an incredible gift from God that is necessary for success in all other academic fields. We can utilize it to prepare kids for school and teach them valuable life lessons from the Bible as we read together with our youngsters and discuss timeless stories and texts from popular Christian children’s books. 

These books will help kids become well-rounded individuals. It is also vital for children to have models of talent and practice that they can look up to whenever there is any kind of learning process taking place. Children who listen to their parents talk or read aloud from such books gain a better understanding of the lessons that they offer.

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